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How healthy is the water in your home?

(ROCKWALL, TX – August 16 , 2017) Have you ever noticed water spots on your wine glasses before a dinner party? Or found your freshly washed clothes looking dingy? Do you drink bottled water to avoid the chemicals and hardness in your tap water?

When water is disinfected by treatment plants before it enters your plumbing, it can leave chemicals like chlorine and chloramines which are not filtered out before the water reaches your home. Any hardness in the water is also left untouched. Hard water causes scaling in pipes and water heaters and leads to problems such as leaks and less water flow. Clothes washed in hard water may also look dingy and have a harsh, scratchy feel. Hard water may also cause spots to appear on dishes and glassware after they’ve been washed.

If you’d like to be sure what’s in your family’s water, Bluebonnet Aqua Systems is a local company that offers a free in-home water analysis that can help determine exactly what chemicals need to be cleaned out of your water, and how much you’re already spending on dealing with hardness in your water.

Bluebonnet Aqua Systems partners with Hydrotech to provide homeowners with the cleanest, softest water and the most efficient, lowest maintenance required system around. Bluebonnet Aqua Systems General Manager Nate Dettmer said their customizable, dual-tank system requires much less maintenance than a lot of the single-tank clean water systems available in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

“We want to make it easy for homeowners to do as little work as possible for as low cost as possible, and at the same time have clean water the whole family can enjoy,” Dettmer said.

A lot of people tell us they drink bottled water so it doesn’t really affect them. What they don’t realize is through your skin, they say you can actually absorb more of the chlorine found in the water from when it gets treated than you do by drinking it.”

While hardness in water does not directly affect your health, it can compound existing health problems, especially those with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

“For people with skin conditions it can heighten some of the symptoms,” Dettmer said. “If you’ve ever gotten out of the shower and your skin feels dry and itchy after you dry off, that’s caused by hardness in the water. Having clean, soft water is healthier and will reduce those symptoms.”

With its free water analysis, Bluebonnet Aqua Systems conducts a hand wash test to show homeowners the difference between hard water and the soft water you get with a clean water filtration system.

“Once you take a shower in a clean water system, you’ll notice a huge difference in how you feel,” Dettmer said.

Hard water also prevents soap from lathering which leads to a higher usage of soaps and other cleaning products in the home. Dettmer said that with a with soft water system from Bluebonnet Aqua Systems, your family won’t have to purchase things like soaps and detergent as often in order to get clothes and dishes that look and feel clean.

“When we put in a clean water system, it actually ends up saving people money long term by using a lot less soaps and other cleaning products in their home. It also saves you on the maintenance on your home because with clean water you don’t have that scale buildup in your home’s plumbing, pipes, and most importantly the water heater.” 

What’s in your family’s water? Bluebonnet Aqua Systems can give you clean water for your family and health, because your family is worth it.

Book a free water analysis with Bluebonnet Aqua Systems to experience the benefits of clean, soft water for your entire family! And if you schedule a free water analysis during the month of August, you’ll receive a free dinner and a movie! Schedule an appointment today online at BlueBonnetAquaSystems.com or by phone at 469-458-6690.

Sponsored article by Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News. Bluebonnet Aqua is an advertising client of BRN Media

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