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Bankhead Highway Tour Stop in Rockwall

1911-Stevens-Duryea-Ad-02History buffs… there is a new time for the Bankhead Highway Tour Stop in Rockwall this Friday.The antique car group that is commemorating the centennial anniversary of the Historic Bankhead Highway will stop in Rockwall at 9:40 a.m. this Friday, April 22. The City of Rockwall will host a small reception to welcome the group as they make a brief stop around the Historic Downtown Courthouse. Rockwall Mayor, Jim Pruitt, Rockwall County Judge, David Sweet, and Mike Donegan, from the Rockwall County Historical Foundation, will welcome the group. History enthusiasts are encouraged to come out to see the nearly 50 antique cars that will circle the Courthouse—some of the vehicles date back to the early 1900s.

The Historic Bankhead Highway, which is SH 66 through Rockwall, was the first to connect the nation from coast to coast. In 1916, U.S. Senator, John H. Bankhead, spearheaded the project for the road that would bear his name. This was a monumental undertaking for the time, because the Bankhead Highway was the first federally subsidized all-weather roadway that connected Washington, D.C. to San Diego. Interestingly, almost one third of the road ran through Texas, from Texarkana to El Paso, as Texas Highway 1.

The Antique American Independent Automobile Association (AAIAA) is hosting the Bankhead Highway Centennial Celebration, featuring a vintage car tour across Texas. The tour starts in Texarkana on April 20, and ends in Odessa on April 24. The public is invited to attend the abbreviated tour stop, to view the cars, visit with the owners, and share in a little piece of history.