Open letter to citizens of Fate from Mayor Pro Tem David Billings

David Billings

(FATE, TX — May 11, 2020) We have been through a lot together in the past few weeks.  I think we can all agree we have endured unprecedented times, but, thankfully we can now start to look at the brighter days ahead.

We are well positioned to execute our commercial development strategy.  While we celebrate our existing business owners, we have several exciting new businesses to welcome to our community.  We must continue to create and foster a business climate that will encourage the long-term success of our entire community.

As we Re- Open Fate, we look to you, our citizens, for continued inspiration and insight.  With your help we can find even more creative ways to support our business owners, both large and small.  Our long-term financial success depends on it.

As I have said many time, we are a family.  Yes, we have our family fights, but then we gather as a community to discuss our differences and find viable solutions.  This is why Fate is such a special place to live.  I am so grateful we have been able to keep these close-knit ties during such difficult times.

As we enter our new normal, may we all stay safe, have courage, and always remember We Are Fate Strong!

Yes, indeed, our future is bright!

By David Billings, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Fate.

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