Mother’s Day Thoughts

(ROCKWALL, TX — May 11, 2017) In church our pastor was speaking about doing good in this world and realizing what our gift was when God created us. Without hesitation I knew my purpose and it was to be a mother to Reagan.  Let me be clear…not just a mother, but a mother to Reagan!

My sweet Reagan is gifted in many ways, has a passion for all animals (especially horses and dolphins), loves to help others and truly loves to learn new things and make new friends. This sweet girl also struggles with extreme sensitivity and her heart of gold can be broken in an instant. Her love to know everything about certain topics can turn off some kids who aren’t as passionate yet about the same topics.  Her gifts can also be her challenges.

I grew up strong, confident and without much care of what others thoughts of me. I was not sensitive. I did not need a lot of friends nor did I try to be the most popular. I was not passionate about animals. My heart was into sports. Honestly, Reagan and I don’t have much in common at all when it comes right down to it. This is why I know that I was meant to be Reagan’s mom because her weaknesses are my strengths and vice versa!

Over the past few years as Reagan has become school aged I have learned that she needs me as her mama!  I was put here to teach her to be strong, tough, confident and happy with who she is. I have to lead by example. I have to prove to her that life is tough, even for moms and adults and it isn’t always fair. I have to instill that hard work will pay off and that doing your best each day is enough! I have to let her know how much she is loved and cared about.  I have to let her know that no matter what happens I love and support her!

As a mother my heart physically hurts when she leaves me. I have lost many nights sleep worrying about her and if she is safe when she is not with me.  Did she have a bad dream? What is she eating for lunch?  Does she have a jacket?  This list is truly endless and as the years go by I have learned to trust my faith that she will come home safe and that is all that ever matters. Clothing, lunches, sleep and bad dreams can all be fixed.  My prayers each night are for God to watch over Reagan and send her home safely. I can deal with the struggles, but just send her home safe is my prayer!

We want our kids to be safe and happy, but yet somehow we let them and sometimes ourselves get caught up in the drama of life and the comparison. It’s so true when they say that comparison is the thief of joy because it truly is.  I feel a large part of my job as Reagan’s mother is to help her find her path, stick to it and not worry about the nay sayers and the people who want to bring her down. My purpose in this life is to be an advocate for Reagan and to help her achieve her goals, overcome obstacles and find happiness!

I will parent by positivity and not popularity!  I will parent by praise and not perception!

I thank my mother for raising me to be the woman and mother I am and will be to Reagan because without her who would my role model be? Reagan and I are extremely lucky to have my mom here and so involved in our lives on a daily basis. I hope to one day be that to Reagan’s children.  Thank you mom and I love you and Reagan more than you’ll ever know!

By Stacy Lynn Massar, Rockwall mom and Realtor with JP & Associates Realtors. Read her “Not So Southern Stacy” guest column at

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