I Can Say “Merry Christmas”

I Can Say “Merry Christmas”

(ROCKWALL, TX — December 22, 2017) We have all heard the negative reports from across our land of instances where the Christmas Season is assailed, and it seems that all the Grinches of Christmas ban together each year in one voice to shout down the traditions of Christmas. Yes, we know the crazy stories of […]

Our Heroes

Our Heroes

(ROCKWALL, TX — June 30, 2017) July 4, Independence Day for the United States, is a special day. It is the day that is at the pinnacle of our patriotism. It is the day that one of our founding fathers, John Adams (no relation), deemed to be the day to be “…the most memorable Epocha, […]

Big storm, big blessing

(ROCKWALL, TX – Dec. 31, 2015) As the terrible tornado began to develop just a few days ago, it became evident that my family was in its direct path. I was watching the weather report on the television news and the giant twister was actually on the ground approximately a mile from them. This was […]

When the Light Shines

(ROCKWALL, TX – Dec. 21, 2015) You have never had to walk over to a switch on the wall and turn on the darkness. No, darkness is the default of our world. Everyone realizes that the switch on the wall will illuminate the room with light. Darkness must flee when the light shines. Light is […]

The Darling of Zhytomyr

On our recent mission trip to Ukraine as members of The Singing Men of Texas, we met this delightful lady at the city of  Zhytomyr, in western Ukraine. She was raised in Zhytomyr, one of the oldest cities of Ukraine, established in 884 A.D. It has been a very important city and lies on a […]

Starlight Singers present USO Dinner, Dance & Show

Starlight Singers present USO Dinner, Dance & Show

ROCKWALL, TX (Feb. 14, 2015) Music teacher Jan Stonestreet’s desire is for her students to understand why the United States military should be honored and for them to personally meet the veterans and understand what they and their families have sacrificed and what it means to serve your country. For the past 16 years, she […]

Do the angels sing?

ROCKWALL, TX (Dec. 18, 2014) Many would say this is a stupid question…”Of course the angels sing! Haven’t you read the Bible!?” Well…what do you say? It is an interesting question. Do angels sing and is there evidence for it? This may be a big revelation to many folks, but the Bible isn’t explicit in […]

Thankful – to be or not to be

ROCKWALL, TX (Nov. 26, 2014) The American holiday we call Thanksgiving is filled with concepts that seem, for many, to originate from a land long ago and far, far away. The idea of humbling oneself before a higher being and expressing gratitude is rapidly becoming an extinct dinosaur, laid on the ash heap along with […]

Taylor McClure of Rockwall: Aviation Radio Man/Gunner

ROCKWALL, TX (November 10, 2014) Taylor McClure graduated from high school in 1942 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Military service in World War II was imminent, and the idea of being a Navy cadet seemed adventurous and exciting. An enlistment application received no response so Taylor hitch-hiked to the Dallas Navy office, only to learn that voluntary […]

The Tough Ombres – A local veteran’s story

ROCKWALL, TX (November 10, 2014) Corporal Dave Tolan served with the 712th Tank Battalion in WWII. This battalion was attached to the 90th Infantry Division, known as The Tough Ombres, or “TO”. (This designation originally meant Texas/Oklahoma in WWI). They pushed across France from Omaha Beach and Dave has combat stars from Normandy, Northern France, […]

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