Note from our Publisher/Managing Editor

Blue Ribbon News – fair and balanced?

Dawn Redig

Perhaps not.  At least not when it comes to the types of stories we cover.

We prefer “good” news. There’s plenty of it to go around; it’s just rare to find those who will report it.

At Blue Ribbon News, we choose to shine the spotlight on people, places and events that impact our communities in a positive way. We believe that if we share your story – big or small – it can truly make a difference, and more “good” will follow.

By highlighting local companies that are doing business right, consumers stay better informed and neighborhood merchants grow and prosper. Parents have a platform to talk about their kids, teachers tout student achievements, churches spread the word, clubs and civic organizations promote their causes.

And after all, there are many other media outlets available for those who prefer to focus on the negative.

The hosts of and publishers of the Blue Ribbon News print edition have more than 45 years combined experience in print and broadcast media. We share a passion for business and community. We are driven by faith, family and the need to be frugal. We figure most of you are, too.

So with your help, we highlight meaningful stories that don’t always find their way into the mainstream media – “good” news, feature stories and ‘True Blue’ business profiles that inspire, educate, uplift and engage. Your ideas, photos, videos and written contributions are not only encouraged, but vital to our mission.

Together, our message is momentous, productive, and authentically “good.” Now that’s something you don’t see everyday – unless you read Blue Ribbon News.

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