A Thankful Christmas

(ROCKWALL, TX — December 11, 2017) Have you ever heard of Thankmas?  We have friends who celebrate Christmas at Thanksgiving.  They’re better parents & in-laws than we are.  They get together with their kids at Thanksgiving allowing the in-laws the blessing of having them at Christmas.  I was reminded of this when I received the invitation to the Broadmoor Christmas party.  This year it’s called a Thankful Christmas!

Don’t you think that’s a better greeting?  “Have a Thankful Christmas!” rather than “Have a Merry Christmas”?  This begs the question, “What makes you merry?’  Being merry is kind of like being happy.  Happiness is most often associated with what’s happening.  If what’s happening is not good in your opinion, then you’re not happy!

Being thankful is a decision you make in spite of your circumstances.  Saying “thank you” for all things affirms that you have God’s perspective, acknowledging that His plan sometimes allows difficult circumstances.  Being thankful changes everything.

An attitude of thanksgiving actually brings many blessings.

Consider what has been entitled “The Beatitudes” in the Bible.  The word used in the original language is makarios which means supremely favored, filled with thankfulness!  The rub comes when you read what Jesus says should be the source of your thankfulness!!!!  Mourning, being gentle, being hungry & thirsty, being merciful & pure in heart, becoming a peacemaker, being insulted & persecuted…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

You see being thankful is a choice.  Being a peacemaker can put you in a position of crossfire.  Being merciful can set you up for being taken advantage of.  Being thankful for a time of mourning or being the brunt of ridicule and persecution, doesn’t seem to be a blessed opportunity.  But that’s the whole point.  When you choose to thank Him for each and every thing that comes into your life, especially for big changes in your life you are saying to Him, “God, I believe You know all things.  You’ve told us in Your Word that You cause ALL things to work together for my good.  I can claim this promise because I love You and have been called for Your purpose.”

Are you there yet?  It’s definitely a journey.  I’m selfish, petulant, kick my feet, hold my breath, clamor, rattle & roll until I hear His calm voice say to me, “Paula, don’t be anxious about anything, but instead be thankful and talk to me about it.  Then My peace will guard your heart and your mind in My Son, Jesus Christ.”

It’s going to be a Thankful Christmas for me this year.  I’m inviting you to join me.  Regardless of changes, schedules, the flu, a cold, strange family member or a call from the doctor, I’m going to GIVE THANKS FOR CHRISTMAS.  Bless you!  Please know how thankful I am for each of you.

By Paula Lively. Paula is a Volunteer Chaplain at Broadmoor Medical Lodge in Rockwall.  She is a VERY retired RN who loves serving the residents at Broadmoor.  She and her husband, Fred, have lived in Rockwall for 15 years.

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