Local couples share stories of how they met


Editor’s Note: Each year as we approach Valentine’s Day, Blue Ribbon News asks local couples how they met. Their stories are often sweet, funny and surprising. Sharing their tales of true love has become one of our favorite traditions.

This year we received an overwhelming number of submissions, some of which are featured in our Valentine’s print edition, and all of which are featured online here. Three lucky pairs of lovebirds will be selected, based upon readers’ comments, likes, and shares on Facebook, to receive a free couples massage from EveryBody Massage in Rockwall!  

Bill and Barbara Wilson

Bill and Barbara Wilson

The first time I saw Barbara, she was with her mother and sister and they were dressed as twins.  Later we moved into a house that was five houses down the street from Barbara’s family, so I saw her practically every day as we were growing up.  When we were teens,  I went to her house to see her sister, and Barbara followed me outside and told me that I didn’t want her sister and that I wanted her and that she wanted to be my girlfriend.  I accepted and our love grew and we were married August 9th, 1952.  As an aside, we purchased our marriage license in a nearby town’s hardware store where they sold hunting, fishing and marriage licenses. The marriage license was $2.

I had only worked in a cotton mill for two weeks and received a check for $25, which I used for our marriage. We were married on Saturday and I quit my job on Monday, which may have contributed to Barbara’s parents’ short lifespans.

I subsequently joined the United States Air Force and Barbara joined me In Illinois. We later lived in several states including Texas four times: in San Angelo twice, San Antonio and Greenville, where I joined a small military detachment collocated with the then E Systems where we oversaw work on special mission aircraft. Barbara and I also lived three years in England and three years in Germany. I also served a year in Vietnam while Barbara and the family remained in San Angelo.

Along the way, Barbara gave birth to four children – three girls and a son – which we raised along the way and all are still surviving. Our family has grown and now and there are 21 of us plus several spouses. The latest one is or first generation five, a beautiful 3-year-old granddaughter.

Barbara has been a loyal and supporting wife throughout our marriage. I still can’t believe how lucky I was to have such a loving, and supporting wife. She is still everything to me.

Finally, after running out of things to do Barbara and I talked about putting something back into the community that we love and after discussing it, we felt like the local Meals on Wheels would be something that we could do together. So I contacted the Meals on Wheels office and signed up to deliver meals to the recipients. At first we filled in when other drivers for the routes could not deliver and eventually having our own routes. We found that when you have your own routes that the recipients become family. You really get to know them and you really get a sense of purpose.

After a couple of years with the routes, we volunteered to replace the distribution manager that worked with the kitchen who had suffered a medical problem and Barbara and I were accepted. We have continued in that role now for three or four years, and we are fortunate to have Carolyn Holzei who joined us a short time later, and a couple of others that assist us when needed.

Our plans for the future are to continue what we are doing for as long as Margie, our director, needs us.

In volunteering with the Meals On Wheels program for six years or so, I interface with the office staff on a daily basis and I can say that the staff is a wonderful group with all of the compassion that this program requires. The Executive Director Margie Verhagen is a be a very capable manager and a joy to work with. She has assembled a great staff in Robert Glover, Janice Enloe, Maureen Cook and Megan Riddle. Barbara and I enjoy working with the staff and love each and every one of them.

Submitted by Bill Wilson, Rockwall resident. Bill and Barbara are long-time Meals on Wheels volunteers.

Lorne and Tonya Megyesi

Lorne and Tonya Megyesi

This is an Interesting topic with an unexpected result.  Twenty-four years ago, I was a young single entrepreneur who was building a small business through an organization called World Wide Dream Builders and I was full of life and vigor and thought I could take on the world. I had a business working through a multilevel company (Amway) with one of my legs eight deep.  Part of my business had a family with two sisters and a brother, and they had a little sister they wanted me to meet.

After several attempts to meet her, it finally happened on Saturday Sept. 23, 1993 around 5:45 p.m. at the John Q. Hammond building in Portland, Oregon for a Ron Puryear meeting. I was introduced to Tonya Karstens and it went like this – “Lorne, this is Tonya. Tonya, this is Lorne. Goodbye.” – and it was sink or swim. First date was Oct. 3; we went to a movie (Undercover Blues) and dinner at a local restaurant (Sharie’s).  We were engaged Jan 8, 1994 at the Columbia Gorge Hotel (during an ice storm) and married Aug. 6 1994 in Gresham, Oregon. We have been married for 23 ½ years with five kids (Paige-21, Tabitha-18, Samantha-16). Six years ago, we decided to open our home to two precious kids from Haiti (Kensley-12 and Tia-8). Now we have five special kids.

Submitted by Lorne Megyesi, City of Fate mayor.

Robert and Carolann David

Robert and Carolann David

The first time I laid eyes on my husband was at Boots Burgers in Rockwall.  The year was 1978 and I was a senior in high school. He was the Dr. Pepper man who delivered to all the local businesses.  After making his delivery, he had stopped for lunch when I arrived to pick up my order.  I immediately thought he was so cute!

At the time, my father owned The Drop-In Food Mart grocery store right off the Rockwall downtown square.  Lucky for me, the following Saturday I was working at my dad’s grocery store when THE Dr. Pepper man came to drop off an additional delivery.  I soon found out his usual delivery days and “just happened” to always work at the grocery store those days after I got out of school.  And thus the flirting began.

He finally invited me to watch him play a softball game in Royse City – he was nervous to ask me out since my dad was the store owner. The date was a success and we began dating steadily from there.  We continued to date after we went off to college at Baylor University. Our ease in talking and common values drew us closer. He proposed one weekend while visiting me at college. We married on January 2, 1982 during my winter college break. In our 36 years of marriage our love has continued to mature.  We have two children and a grandson. Oh, and yes, Dr. Pepper is still a favorite drink in our home!

Submitted by Carolann David, Rockwall County resident. Carolann works as a Controller for Lincoln Property Company in Dallas, and is a licensed professional counselor in Rockwall. Robert is Director of Safety at KLB & Son’s in Terrell.

Jason and Candis Linscott

Jason and Candis Linscott

Candis and I met during the spring semester of our freshman year at the University of Oklahoma on the crew team. At the beginning of each semester the new tryouts would come to practice. There was a very low retention rate, due to the 45 minute drive at 5 a.m. for strenuous practices on the cold water. I was the team Captain and this girl came up to me to be friendly, but I blew her off because she appeared to be the most likely to drop out.

After a couple of months, the team went out to dinner for the first time. I was stunned by this beautiful girl that showed up. How had I never noticed this attractive, funny, and intelligent girl. I knew then that I had to get to know her better.

After several weeks of dating, she revealed to me that she was the girl I had blown off that day at practice. That girl I arrogantly blew off not only became a varsity rower, but also my wife. The Lord has blessed us with 11 full years of marriage and four children, Liam, Penny, Josey, and Selah.  Our story is a testimony that God is working out better plans for my life in spite of myself.

Submitted by Jason Linscott, Chief Financial Officer at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall. Jason and Candis are residents of McLendon-Chisholm.

Jarred and Bethany Hooks

Jarred and Bethany Hooks

At the ripe age of 21, I was living the dream. Fast trucks, expensive clothes, hardly any bills to pay, the ultimate 21-year-old bachelor life! I was part of multiple truck groups, where I would meet new people almost every weekend, and create some lifelong friendships. Just getting out of a long relationship, love was the last thing on my mind. One day I was working on my truck at my friend’s house, and this smokin’ hot blonde walked past me. Her name was Bethany. At that time, she was 18, and the PERFECT example of my dream girl. I had confidence by all means, but didn’t consider myself cocky. However, I could tell she was giving me that look, that “Oh hey there good lookin’” look. And I was wrong.

Months went by and I saw this girl at least once a week. I found out that she was dating one of my friends, so I did the right thing, and quit trying to get her attention (but I didn’t stop thinking about it).

I quit hanging out with that crowd and lost touch with my dream girl. I had given her a ride in my truck a few times, but apparently it wasn’t enough to keep her around.

Three years later, I was 24 and just getting out of a long relationship. Love was the last thing on my mind. I ran into Bethany at Bass Pro, and we sat in the parking lot of Bass Pro and talked for hours that night, just talking about life, love, and everything in between. I pulled out of the parking lot and texted Bethany six words. She probably freaked out when she read, “One day, I’m gonna marry you.”

Well, life doesn’t always go as planned, and a few months after hanging out with her a few times, I got wind that Bethany was dating some new guy. We would keep in touch here and there, and I tried dating a couple of other girls, but just couldn’t seem to come around. One day we ran across each other and Bethany said, “I see you with a few girls on Facebook lately, why didn’t you keep them around? What happened?” Without skipping a beat, I replied, “It’s hard to like anyone and have feelings for anyone, and actually WANT to keep them around, because they aren’t you.”

Bethany and her boyfriend broke up a few months later. I had a new chance! We hung out a few times, and the days spent seeing each other started to outnumber the days spent apart. After almost every time we hung out, the last words I said were, “One day, I’m going to marry you.”

With almost seven years under our belt, Bethany finally gave in and gave me a chance. It was sometimes a rough road, but we always told each other, “The roughest roads lead to the finest of destinations!” I also told Bethany on multiple occasions, when she would ask if things were difficult when she just wanted to be friends, “Anything worth having is worth fighting and working as hard as you can for!”

After seven years of work, I was 28 years old, and Bethany was 25. All of my tireless efforts paid off, and I got to marry the girl of my DREAMS!

My dad told me from the time I had my first girlfriend in 3rd grade, “If you can go an hour without thinking about this girl, you don’t need to be with her.” It’s coming up on eight years since I met that smokin’ hot blonde. I spent eight years doing every single thing I could think of to make her believe that I was worthy… eight years trying get her attention to show her how good of a man I could be for her. Eight years, no matter what the circumstances were, whether her name popped up on my phone, whether I saw her post something on social media, or whether we hadn’t talked in months. Eight years I have known this woman, and not one time have I gone an hour of ANY day, and not thought about her.

Bethany, you were worth the fight. You were worth the time. You were worth that insane, bumpy, rough, eight-year-long road that has gotten us to this destination. You were worth it when we were almost together at times, you were worth it even when I found out you were dating someone else. There has NEVER been a doubt in my mind that you were worth anything I endured this past eight years, and there has never been an hour, or even 10 minutes, that you were not on my mind. I love you, and I love the man I have become since I met you. And it looks like I was right when I said, “One day, I’m gonna marry you!”

Submitted by Jarred Hooks. Jarred and Bethany are residents of the City of Fate and both work in Rockwall – Jarred as the owner of Rockwall Sports and Bethany as a hairstylist at Salons Elite Rockwall.

Dylan and Shelby Hiller

Dylan and Shelby Hiller

Dylan and I met in 2008 our freshman year of high school. About six months after school started I actually dated his twin brother Dane for about a month. I had a crush on Dylan, but he always messed with me and was rude.

Fast forward eight years; we got back in touch and he asked me on a date. I know what everything one is thinking: it was love at first sight. Actually, it was not. I kind of thought he was weird and I was just going to blow it off but he kept pursing me so I figured I’d put a little effort into it. Five months after dating, he got down on one knee in front of his parents and mine and asked me to be his wife. Two weeks later we got married on December 14, 2016 outside at Harry Myers Park Gazebo in 35-degree weather and said, “I DO.” One year later we have a 2-year-old we share and a 2 1/2-month-old.

Submitted by Shelby Hiller. Shelby and Dylan live in Royse City, where Shelby works at Giggles and Grins Daycare for Janet Nichol, the mayor of Royse City.

Ryan and Angela Thomas

Ryan and Angela Thomas

In a short sense, my aunt introduced us. But what makes our story so special is this…

My husband is a firefighter/paramedic for the City of Watauga. He worked closely with the police department including my uncle, Trevor Litzerman. When Uncle Trevor was diagnosed with Leukemia, my husband administered his B12 shots to help him feel a little better. Sadly, my uncle passed away just months after his diagnosis.

When such a tragedy occurs, coworkers come together. Especially if they’re civil servants. The fire department provided support for my aunt Laura while she grieved. As soon as my aunt met my now husband she told him he needed to meet me! We began connecting on social media then 2 weeks later finally met. We’ve been together eight years and married for six and a half of those. We have two beautiful children. If my uncle got better and life carried on we may have never met. We owe our blessing of a life to him and my aunt. At our wedding we gave guests the option to request the typical wedding dance music with a donation to the Leukemia Society.

Submitted by Angela Thomas. Angela works for Rockwall ISD and lives in Fate with her husband Ryan.

David and Nicole Watson

David and Nicole Watson

David and I met when we were in high school, introduced by mutual friends on our Rockwall Fair day at the State Fair of Texas.  I remember meeting on the midway and telling my sweet friend, “He’s cute, but I wouldn’t go out with him.”

Well, we started dating soon after that. Six years to the day of our first date we were married. We have been blessed with 3 great kids, Tyler, Regan and Reid. Every year when we take the kids to their Rockwall ISD Fair day they are reminded of mom and Dad meeting at the fair on the midway, which they might be tired of hearing about. This November we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Submitted by Nicole Watson, McLendon-Chisholm resident.

Tommy and Devin Curtis

Tommy and Devin Curtis

A few months after moving to Rockwall, I decided I needed to get back into a Faith routine. On the very first Sunday at my new church, I also decided to attend my first life group. I walked in, introduced myself to a few people, made a name tag for myself, and sat down.

All of a sudden, a tall blonde stranger plopped down between myself and another life group attendee, disrupting my current conversation, and beginning his own with me. He was very energetic and inundated me with questions until life group began. Before I knew it, life group was over. The discussion in the room turned to where everyone would meet for lunch. I had the intention of just sneaking out but who was waiting for me right outside of the doorway? None other than my chatty friend. He asked me if I would be going to lunch and I made some sort of excuse. He told me I should definitely go and surprisingly, he easily convinced me.

As I turned to walk to my car he asked, “Well, are you going to wear that name tag?” I looked down, laughed, ripped it from my shirt, and threw it at him. I attended lunch where he again flooded me with questions. Several days later I received a message from him letting me know that he had found my name tag while cleaning out his car and hoped I was having a great week. We were married nine months later.

Submitted by Dr. Devin Smith (Curtis), Rockwall resident. Devin works as an Associate Veterinarian at Ridge Road Animal Hospital in Rockwall, and her husband Tommy works as a Realtor with ERA Cornerstone and as a Real Estate Investor.  

Shaun and Charlcie Kirkland

Shaun and Charlcie Kirkland

Charlcie and I met in the fall of 2007 in Nacogdoches while we were both attending Stephen F. Austin State University. We were members of The Purple Haze, a heckling group for the SFA football games. I had spotted her a few rows behind me and despite there being football in front of me I kept turning around. “Who is she? Does she have a boyfriend? She’s got to.”

This semi-mystery woman occupied my mind for weeks. I asked around, but no one really knew.

Now this was the early days of Facebook, so I used my newly acquired stalking skills to track her down. After a little bit of searching I found her profile and about an hour later I worked up the courage to send her a message. “Hey.” was my opener. We started chatting and I knew I had to make my move, so I invited her to go grocery shopping with me before I had to go to work. Our first “date” was at the Nacogdoches Wal-Mart.

For the next couple of weeks, we made sure to have lunch or dinner in the school cafeteria together. Then after we texted non-stop over Thanksgiving break, I decided we had to make it official but Charlcie wasn’t having it yet…. we had to worry about finals first after all.

So, Christmas break comes and goes, and I decide it’s now or never and tell her one of my friends is having a party the weekend before school starts and she should definitely make her way back to Nacogdoches a few days early. It was that Saturday, January 12, 2008 that we made it official. We have been inseparable since that day. After she graduated we made the move here to Rockwall, I proposed right before Thanksgiving in 2010 and we were married on September 22nd, 2011.

Submitted by Shaun Kirkland. Shaun works as the partnership development consultant for the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce. Shaun and Charlcie are also on the Young Professionals of Rockwall Board of Directors.

Bart and Sandi Miller

Bart and Sandi Miller

He fell for me… literally.

It was October of our sophomore year at Northwestern University. Bart saw me at a university event and mentioned to his friend that he would like to meet me.  His friend quickly volunteered that he regularly went jogging with me and would be happy to arrange a meeting!

Our mutual friend set up a running date. The jog was going along great, with wonderful conversation and a nice pace. And then, suddenly, Bart tripped and fell.  Not just a small fall, but a total wipe out. We helped Bart to his feet and finished out the run.

Bart claims to this day that he fell on purpose, in order to diffuse any nervousness that I might have been feeling. Bart transferred to Rice after our sophomore year and we seemed to go our separate ways.

However, right at the end of my senior year at Northwestern, Bart arrived back in Chicago.  Bart was sure that he had truly “fallen” for me two years ago and wanted to see if I would meet him.  I agreed to a date and we quickly started long-distance dating while I was in graduate school and Bart working as a recently commissioned Naval officer.  Engaged on my 23rd birthday while on a hike outside of Pocatello, Idaho, we married just a few months later.  After 26 years of marriage, Bart still holds fast to the claim that the fall on the jog was all part of his master plan!

Submitted by Sandi Miller. Dr. Bart and Sandi have been married 26 years and have three children Wyatt, Grant, and Josie. Dr. Bart has been practicing as an orthodontist at Rockwall Crossing Orthodontics for over a decade, and also serves on the board of the JER Chilton YMCA, the RISD Education Foundation, and the Rotary Club.

Jason and Tiersa Reeves

Jason and Tiersa Reeves

When I was in the 7th grade I was acutely aware of the 8th grade girl who was an office aid at our junior high and came into Ms. Rowland’s class to take attendance. Her name was Tiersa and she was beautiful. Notice, however, I said that I was aware of her. Tragically, she was not aware of me.

That summer when I heard that she and her family had moved away to Georgia I thought for certain things were simply never to be. She was the love of my life but would never know it.

Then it happened! This time Mr. Taylor’s class my eleventh grade year. I walked into a crowded classroom on the first day of school and there she was! And it was as if a light shone down from heaven at the empty chair next to her.

Tiersa was hating life. Her parents had recently moved their family back to Texas right before her senior year and she was none too happy about it. I slowly walked over, sat down in the seat next to her, looked her in those beautiful, green eyes, and in the lowest, most soothing voice I could muster at sixteen, uttered the most profound ponderance I could think of in the moment: “Hey….”

It suffices to say that she was absolutely unimpressed. She just rolled her eyes (beautiful and green as they may be) and turned completely away from me. She was uninterested. But, it eventually worked out.

Submitted by Jason Reeves. Jason and Tiersa have been married for 25 years, have six children, and live in Rockwall, where Jason serves as the preaching minister at the Eastridge Church of Christ.

Don and Abigail Kirkland

Don and Abigail Kirkland

Don and I met on March 15, 1999 when I was 19 and he was 22, at a party at his home. My best friend was dating his roommate, and on the spur of the moment they decided to set us up together. Believe it or not, we fell in love that night, so for all the skeptics out there, it CAN actually happen!

After only knowing each other for two short weeks, he asked, “So when are getting married?” I replied, “Whenever you propose.” Several friends thought it wouldn’t last, but we both knew we were serious about getting married, and continued seeing each other every day because we couldn’t stand being apart. Nine months after we met, it was Christmas Eve (also Don’s birthday) and unseasonably warm, so he took me to a little picnic table by Lake Ray Hubbard to eat lunch, where he got down on one knee and formally proposed. I cried so hard that he had to ask me if that was a yes.

We were married four months later, and will soon be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. We live in Heath, have two beautiful daughters, and although it hasn’t been a fairy tale (no marriage ever is), we still go googly-eyed when we talk about when we met, and we have kept a sense of humor about life. For all you newlyweds, a sense of humor can get you through quite a lot. God bless!

Submitted by Abigail Kirkland, Heath resident. Don is co-owner of Future Services, a local plumbing company.

David and Susan Bryson

David and Susan Bryson

My husband and I actually went to high school together in Tupelo, Mississippi. David dated a couple of my friends and I dated an older guy who was in college. After a period of time, our friendship grew and feelings began to get stronger.

We actually started dating soon after our senior prom. David attended Vanderbilt in Nashville and I attended Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi but we kept our relationship going through four years of college in different states. We actually got married in Mississippi the same evening that he graduated from college that morning in Tennessee (I would NOT suggest this to anyone!) After a honeymoon in Paris, we packed up and moved to Dallas where David started work at Texas Instruments.  We have been Texas natives ever since.

We have been married for 37 years and my advice for a happy relationship is to marry your best friend – someone who you enjoy spending time with and who you have shared interests with.

We have two adult children who live in Colorado and we love visiting them! We also love tennis, Mavericks basketball, movies, dining out, travel, and our pets.

Submitted by Susan Bryson. Susan and David have lived in Rockwall for the past 20 years, where Susan works as a calligrapher and ESL teacher at the Rockwall County Library.

Christopher and Tristana Looper

Christopher and Tristana Looper

Our story follows the basic tale of “Mom is always right.”

My dad works for the corporate side of AT&T. He had been partnered with a woman who relocated from Odessa. As their work relationship grew, they shared personal stories about each of their kids.

My mom kept telling me about my dad’s work partner’s son. She swore we’d be perfect together. I assumed my parents had picked out some straight-laced boring guy. They hosted a BBQ and I met him for the first time. Totally shocked with all of him! But we were in two different places in life. I was still in college in Kentucky and he was a recent OU grad pursuing his first career. We lost contact.

The summer I graduated, he texted me asking to go to a Ranger game for his birthday. With lower inhibitions, I agreed. The next day, I freaked out because I hate new social situations. I tried so hard to pick up a shift at the airport to come up with an excuse. Nope. Nothing. So, I ended up going. Turns out I was his third choice.

Now we are married with two beautiful boys. My mom was right – he is the perfect man for me and the most incredible father to our children!

Submitted by Tristana Looper. Tristana and Christopher live in Fate, where Christopher works at AT&T with Tristana’s dad, and Tristana as a first grade teacher.

Cam and Jillian Le

Cam and Jillian Le

Cam and I met at Texas A&M-Commerce in Spring of 2003. He was a member of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity and I was pledging to be a Kappa Delta. School was cancelled that day due to snow. I was unable to make my normal commute back to Rockwall. That evening I met him at a party at his fraternity house. We began dating about a month later and four years later we were finally married. We bought our first home in Rockwall in December of 2007 and have lived here ever since.

We have been married 10 years and have a 5-year-old daughter who attends Nebbie Williams. We love working out and just joined a local CrossFit and you can find us at every Cowboys home game!

Submitted by Jillian Le, Rockwall resident. Jillian and Cam have lived in Rockwall for 10 years. Jillian works part time for Rockwall ISD as a special education homebound teacher, and Cam works in Plano.

Johnny and Karen Myers

Johnny and Karen Myers

Johnny and I met on a blind date in 1978 when we were still in high school. We attended different high schools, as I attended South Garland HS and he Rockwall HS.  My BFF was dating his BFF and they hooked us up and we dated throughout high school.  We married in ’81 and have now been married for 36 years.

I am so fortunate to have been brave enough to go on a blind date with this wonderful man who became my husband, best friend and father to our two daughters, Chelsea Myers Poteet and Brianna Myers. Many years later he told me that when I opened the door to him, he said to himself, “This is the girl I’m going to marry.” That was one of the sweetest things he’s ever said to me. I have been blessed to have found a man with deep roots as Johnny’s goes back six generations in Rockwall County. I love him dearly and pray for another 36 years together, if not longer.

Submitted by Karen Myers, Heath resident.

Josh Sears and Tarren Oswald

Josh Sears and Tarren Oswald

We had both recently graduated college, Tarren with her degree from Baylor and myself with a degree from SFA. We were both working our first post-college jobs to repay student loans. She was a stunning, little waitress that immediately caught my eye from across the room. It was obvious that her work ethic was stellar, as she was also highly aware, intelligent and 5 feet of natural Texas beauty.

After a few failed attempts to engage her in conversation, my persistence paid off. I saw her out one night, off of work and with her date. I walked up to them, gave her my keys and said, “You’re driving me home tonight.” Obviously, that didn’t work out as planned but at least I got her attention!

A few weeks later, both of us off work, we were finally able to have a sit-down conversation at a chance encounter. The talks were epic and engaging. In the midst of a crowded public atmosphere, it was just us there in that moment. I was hanging on every word as was she. We were both immediately drawn to one another. Afterwards, we left for her favorite karaoke place and have been singing our love story together for 9 years now!

She is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I cherish every second with her. Confident she feels the same, we have become the best of friends and we’re happy to be healthy, alive and in love.

Submitted by Josh Sears. Josh works as a Wildlife Biologist, and Tarren as the Director of Assistance and Referral at Helping Hands of Rockwall County.

Brandon and Lori Ashcraft

Brandon and Lori Ashcraft

Our eyes locked at our small town, high school football game. He was the new transfer running back, and I was the cheerleader. Attending the same college, we both graduated as single adults but never truly lost our love for each other. Fast forward 22 years, after college, after living in different states, we finally figured out our way through life, and we are still together. We have been married 17 years and have a 12-year-old daughter who attends Nebbie Williams.

Moving to Rockwall seven years ago was one of the best decisions we have made for our family. We love the small-town atmosphere, close proximity to major metropolitan areas and meaningful relationships we have made with so many of our friends and neighbors. This is the place we proudly call home!

Submitted by Lori Ashcraft, Rockwall resident.

Bonnie and Max Clark

Max and Bonnie Clark

Bonnie and Max first met in Rigby, Idaho, while attending high school in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s. Bonnie recalls double-dating with Max in those days – except Max was with another girl and she was with another boy. But they had fun all together just riding around town, talking with each other, and sometimes enjoying a little popcorn in someone’s living room.

Graduation day at Rigby High for the Class of 1951 sent Bonnie and Max off in different directions. Bonnie headed off to LDS Business College. She met and married a career Navy man who served on nuclear submarines. His career took them from Idaho to homes on the East and West Coast. As the years went by, they celebrated the birth of four children – one boy and three girls. Bonnie’s life took an unexpected turn with the untimely death of her husband in 1995.

Max joined the Air Force after graduation in 1951. He served in the Korean War and afterwards returned to live in Yukon, Idaho. Along the way, he married a young lady, and together they raised a beautiful family of three – two sons and one daughter. Sadly, Max’s wife passed away in 2001.

So here’s the really good part!

In August of 2001, the Rigby High School Class of 1951 began having annual reunions. Bonnie attended that first year, but Max was not there. Max attended in 2002, but Bonnie was not there. Finally, in 2003, both Bonnie and Max made it to the party, thanks to a phone call to Max from Geri, a friend of Bonnie’s, encouraging him to attend.

The three of them attended the reunion and shared breakfast the following day. Max asked Bonnie if there was a place that she would enjoy seeing before heading back to Texas. She mentioned the beauty of Idaho Falls, and soon the two of them were enjoying the truly beautiful vistas of the Falls. Then it was time for Bonnie to head home. Max said, “Call me when you get home.”

When she got home, Bonnie called Max, but he did not answer. But, he later returned her call. And he called her every day for about a month. Then, in a call that surprised Bonnie, Max asked her to marry him!

Five weeks after their meeting at the class reunion, Bonnie and Max were married. They now spend six months in Rockwall and six months in Yukon, Idaho each year, enjoying time with their children.

Bonnie and Max will celebrate 15 beautiful years of marriage on September 27, 2018!

Submitted by family friend, Kay Maxwell.

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