A lesser-known branch of Boy Scouts of America

(ROCKWALL, TX — April 19, 2018) Most everyone is familiar with the tan uniforms associated with the Boy Scouts of America- the respectable young men aged 11-18 who vow to do their duty to God and their country, ultimately aspiring to reach the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout; however, have you ever come into contact with a lesser-known branch of the Boy Scouts of America: the Venture Scouts?

Donning hunter green uniforms instead of Boy Scouts’ tan ones, Venture Scouts take part in more high adventure activities than Boy Scouts. Scouts in this program are both boys and girls aged 14-21. Quoting directly from the Venture handbook itself, “The Venturing motto, Lead the Adventure, reminds each Venturer to experience life as actively as possible. Venturers should lead the adventure in the delivery of service, in taking part in outings and adventures, and in personal growth.” This perfectly describes the Venturing attitude, and a main reason as to why I personally enjoy the program so much.

I joined crew 777 just a few months ago, and I am constantly learning new things and having memorable experiences. I found out about it through my Eagle Scout brother, Caleb Davis, who has been in scouting for as long as I can remember and has been a part of our crew for about five months. He invited me to one of the meetings, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We quickly went to the scouting store to pick up my uniform and handbook, and I spent the whole way home reading the handbook and learning all about Venturing. Crew 777 is located in Rockwall, Texas, and our crew has gotten CPR certified, learned about salesmanship by selling camp cards (coupon cards that raise money for our crew’s activities and supplies), gone frisbee golfing, and, of course, gone camping.

As a comparatively new crew, founded about a year ago, we are looking for new members. If this is something you or someone you know might be interested in, please feel free to contact venturecrew777rockwall@gmail.com or go to www.scouting.org/programs/venturing to find out more about the program. It truly is a great experience that gives you many opportunities, and we hope to see you at our next crew meeting.

By Chloe Davis. Chloe is a member of Venture Scouts Crew 777 of Rockwall.

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