Do You Have a Heart Condition?

(ROCKWALL, TX — September 10, 2018) I read this morning that there are six, no seven, things God hates.  I guess that’s really a pretty short list seeing only a glimpse of the horrible things going on in the world.  But as I looked at them more closely I saw that these seven things are probably the root of all horrible things that we see in the news.  May I share them with you?

  1. Haughty eyes
  2. Lying tongue
  3. Hands that shed innocent blood
  4. A heart that devises wicked plans
  5. Feet that run rapidly to evil
  6. A false witness who utters lies
  7. One who spreads strife among brothers

Nurse Lively sees body parts involved in these passages…eyes, tongue, hands, feet…and yes, HEART.

I am intimately acquainted with how the heart works…electrically.  It is an amazing organ that runs on electricity, intrinsically designed into each cell of cardiac tissue.  That electricity can actually be measured on paper.  It’s called an EKG.  The machine measures the electrical impulses that move across your heart with each beat, letting us know if your heart is normal or diseased either by old or new damage or if there are structural abnormalities with valves or vessels.

The health of your heart determines the health of all those other body parts… eyes, tongue, hands and feet.  And yes, the health of your heart emotionally and spiritually determines the direction of your eyes, your tongue, your hands and your feet.

I can watch and see the health of your heart by watching the inclination of your eyes, the intent of your tongue, and the direction of your hands and feet.  They are directly connected to that electricity being conducted from your heart.  It probably can’t be measured by a machine, but it can be observed by those being affected by the health or the disease…the condition of your heart.  Is it deceptive, lying, hardened, aching, broken?  Is it joy-filled, thankful, attentive, loving?  Do you need to see a Doctor?

I observe those who serve my Mother and others at Broadmoor.  Their hearts are registering healthy impulses on the lives of those souls.  The rehab staff register a great deal of love, turning on the lights in my Mom’s eyes.  There may be pain, but it’s not pain that shocks.  It’s pain that warms and heals.  She is blessed by their hearts.  Those at her bedside are registering love and kindness.  Those impulses look healthy.  There seems to be no conduction defects. (That’s nurse-talk! But you get the picture.)

Connect yourself to the machine today and check yourself out.  Are you transmitting the electricity of care and kindness or has disease been discovered?  The Great Physician encourages us to, “Search me, O God, AND KNOW MY HEART. See if there is any hurtful way in me and lead me in the Everlasting Way.”

Now THAT’S a good word!

By Paula Lively. Paula is a Volunteer Chaplain at Broadmoor Medical Lodge in Rockwall. She is a VERY retired RN who loves serving the residents at Broadmoor. She and her husband, Fred, have lived in Rockwall for 15 years.

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