A Day in the Life: Kathie Truitt

(ROCKWALL, TX — June 6, 2019) She may be a former Mrs. Missouri but don’t refer to Kathie Truitt as anything but a Texas gal. Her love of our amazing state happened when her mother in law walked into a church in the Ozarks. Kathie was so enthralled by the pure glamorous look of this Texas lady that, as the saying goes, “She got here as quick as she could!”

Kathie grew up in pageants but this year she will be taking a different approach as she heads to Las Vegas for the Ms. Senior United States finals on June 9th.  To complement her platform of breaking the stereotypes of aging, she will be going as herself with only one outfit and with no apologies.

She would love to take this to a national level as she wants to encourage women to be who they are as long as they follow her three rules: Does it break God’s law? Is it illegal? Is it hurting anybody? If the answer to all three are “no” she believes that women of today (and men for that matter) should wear what they want, be who they want and act how they want.

Kathie is already working towards this by having her own blog with her favorite hashtag #oldladiesrock, and empowering women through speaking engagements. She refers to author Bronnie Ware, who conducted a survey of people on their deathbeds and 100 percent of the people interviewed stated they wish they had lived their lives the way they wanted and not what others expected.

Kathie is certainly embracing that motto. She remembers the exact date five years ago that she told her husband she was sick of Washington D.C. where they currently resided and was packing up and moving to Texas. Living on Lake Ray Hubbard, she enjoys lake life and is looking to get a sailboat to enjoy. For now they enjoy sailing the ocean, particularly the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. You will often see her out and about in Rockwall, supporting several of the area nonprofits, not limited to but including the Children’s Advocacy Center and the Rockwall Women’s League.

You can also find Kathie enjoying music, as her first career was an on air personality for a country music station in Springfield, Missouri and then Kansas City. Her talent for the upcoming pageant will be a monologue that mixes comedy and audience participation to help the people in the audience find the country music song that defines their life. An avid writer, Kathie has two published books and is working on a third. The first, a true psyche thriller, is title “False Victim” and was featured on Investigation Discovery.

“The Hillbilly Debutante Café” is her comedic book full of twists and small town characters. The third is sure to be a hit with the locals as it’s titled “Texas Women: A Celebration of Their Spirit, Strength and Beauty”.

Many have asked Kathie where she got her nickname. During a White House Christmas Party in DC, a young man asked her if she was wearing a debutante gown. Her response? “There are no debutantes where I’m from!” Finding out that she was from the Ozarks he then asked “So you’re a hillbilly debutante?” And the name stuck!

Full of personality and life, Kathie Truitt has a great shot at winning the June 9th pageant. But we know that even if she doesn’t she will make a tremendous impact in Las Vegas and here at home. To all the men and women out there, she just wants them to remember one thing: “Don’t let your regrets be ‘I wish I had done that.’” Somehow we don’t think Kathie will have to say that in her lifetime.

By Mary Bierds, Blue Ribbon News. Courtesy photo.

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