New MVP Program Aims to Get Fathers More Involved at Cain Middle School

(ROCKWALL, TX — September 6, 2019) A new initiative for increased father involvement is on the horizon for Cain Middle School.

While scores are in for Rockwall ISD with Texas’ recent grading system, Cain Middle School is set to make an even greater impact on our community.  With a growing student population, Principal Derrice Randle wants to also make sure that the school is not only thriving academically, but that it is thriving socially, as well.  How is Randle addressing this? By getting fathers, grandfathers, and father-figures more involved in the school. Borrowing on the success of several other Fathering initiatives, Randle is excited to kick off Cain’s School year with an all new program that is getting men involved.

MVP, which stands for Male Visual Presence, is a new program that Randle and his Administrative staff designed.  The mission of MVP is to provide a positive impact in the lives of our students and cultivate a safe learning environment as a Male Visual Presence.  Studies have shown, “When fathers are involved, their children learn more, perform better in school, and exhibit healthier behavior.”  Randle hopes that by getting fathers and males in our community involved in our schools, we too, can see marked improvement in grades, attendance, and societal issues that are becoming all too commonplace.  Ben Fox, coordinator for MVP at Cain Middle School, also added that this program can serve to be a model for our other schools. “Whether we’re having issues with bullying, truancy, or anything that looks out of place, our MVPs will be another set of eyes and ears that can serve to be a deterrent and provide our students an example of what it means to be an involved father.”

Cain’s new MVP program starts with their Kickoff Event, September 10th at 6:00 PM.  On the Border, another proud supporter of Rockwall Schools, will be providing a Tuesday Taco Dinner while men and their Cain students come to learn more about how they can be involved.

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