Rockwall community rallies behind beloved nurse after tragic car accident

(ROCKWALL, TX — November 20, 2019) For years, Rockwall nurse Fatima Lampkin has provided the utmost kindness, compassion and care to more than 20,000 patients of family practitioner Dr. David Lensch. After a terrible car accident last month left Fatima paralyzed from the waist down, many in the community have rallied behind her, providing her the kind of love and companionship they have all come to know from their beloved caretaker.

On Oct. 17, Fatima was on her way home from the State Fair when she was rear-ended by a pickup truck going at a high speed. She suffered a dislocation of her cervical spine, and was immediately CareFlited to the Baylor Hospital ICU with no use of her arms or legs. That night she underwent emergency surgery on the neck fracture, and surgery the next day to stabilize the fracture. With paralysis below the waist, she was put on a ventilator for the next 20 days.

On Nov. 6, she came off the ventilator and is currently able to breath humidified air through a trach tube in her neck. The trach tube has also helped her to be able to communicate beyond just whispering.

Fatima has recently been transferred to the Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation (909 N. Washington St. in Dallas) for long term care.

“Every day I have people asking about her and how’s she’s doing,” Lensch said. “A lot of my patients have been with me for so long that this is the only person they trust for their care, so it has been hard for them. Their support and encouragement has been huge, and that’s something she’s going to need long term.”

To assist Fatima in her long road to recovery, Lensch has set up a benefit account in her name at American National Bank in Rockwall for the sole purpose of aiding Fatima with her extended medical needs and expenses. He also set up a separate fundraiser on Facebook to allow folks to donate and share through social media. At the time of this writing, $15,255 has been raised from that fundraiser to go towards Fatima’s medical expenses.

To accommodate her desire not to be alone during her recovery, Lensch also set up a schedule on for folks wishing to volunteer their time to keep her company. You can sign up for a date and time slot at the following link:

For the latest updates on Fatima, visit her Caring Bridge page.

By Austin Wells. Courtesy photo.

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