Texas Constitutional Amendments Election Results

(ROCKWALL, TX — November 6, 2019) Texas voters approved all but one proposition in the Constitutional Amendments Election on Nov. 5. Here’s a breakdown on the voting results:

-Texas Proposition 2 received 65 percent of the vote in its favor. The measure allows the Texas Water Development Board to issue general obligation bonds up to $200 million for water and wastewater service projects in economically distressed areas.

-Proposition 3 captured 84 percent of voter approval. The measure gives the state legislature the ability to provide temporary property tax exemptions for those who had property damaged within a government-declared disaster area. The legislature would also be allowed to pass laws on eligibility, duration and the write-off amounts for the exemptions.

-Proposition 4 received 75 percent of the vote in its favor, meaning a majority of voters supported adding an amendment to the Texas Constitution to prohibit a state income tax. To amend requires two-thirds legislative vote along with a statewide referendum.

-Proposition 5, which called for appropriating all sporting goods tax revenue to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission in order to protect public parks and historic sites, received an 88-percent majority vote in its favor.

-Proposition 6 passed with 66 percent of the vote, effectively doubling the amount of general obligation bonds that the Texas Public Finance Authority can sell on behalf of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.

-Proposition 7 captured 73 percent of voter support. The measure aims to boost state funding for public schools by allowing the General Land Office and the State Board of Education to double the maximum amount of funding they can provide each year to the Available School Fund (up to $600 million for both entities).

-Proposition 8 received 76 percent of voter approval to create a flood infrastructure fund, to be used by the Texas Water Development Board to finance projects such as draining and flood control after a disaster.

-Proposition 9 just barely passed with 51 percent of the vote in its favor. The measure allows the legislature to exempt precious metals such as gold and silver held in a precious metals depository from property taxation.

-Proposition 10 saw 94 percent of voter support. It allows handlers or caretakers of law enforcement animals to keep the animal when it goes into retirement without having to pay an adoption fee.

-Proposition 1 was the lone measure on the ballot that was defeated, with 64 percent of voters voting against it. The proposition would have allowed a person in Texas to hold more than one office as an elected or appointed municipal judge for multiple municipalities at the same time.

According to the Texas Secretary of State, 12 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in this election, which is six percentage points higher than in 2017.

*All results sourced from https://results.texas-election.com/races

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