Lawn concerts a win-win for community and artists during COVID-19 pandemic

Indie-pop artist Remy Reilly performs at a lawn concert in Rockwall.
Indie-pop artist Remy Reilly performs at a lawn concert at the home of Rockwall resident Amber Crimmings on Aug. 29.

ROCKWALL, TX – August 31, 2020 — Nothing brings people together quite like a live music experience. But with the COVID-19 pandemic limiting large gatherings, many are missing that experience to socialize, bond and meet others while enjoying good music.

That’s why Rockwall resident Amber Crimmings decided to bring artist and community together by hosting a concert on her very own lawn. On Aug. 29, she invited a small group of her fellow neighbors out to her front yard on Aug. 29 to hear a live performance from sensational teen indie-pop star, Remy Reilly.

“I wanted to host this concert as a way for people to reconnect with each other,” Crimmings said. “Back in the day, neighbors used to know each other really well, and I don’t think those days are quite the same anymore. It brings people closer, and I think that’s really what we need right now.”

Indie-pop artist Remy Reilly
Indie-pop artist Remy Reilly

Crimmings first heard of the lawn concert movement from Dallas Booker Matthew Kurzman, who was booking artists to perform concerts in his yard for his neighbors.

“I’m real proud to be able to be able to create an opportunity for musicians right now, and I’ve been trying to encourage people to do similiar stuff,” Kurzman said. “Amber has just taken that baton and ran with it.”

The mutual benefits to both artists and community caught the eye of Crimmings, who’s the creative director for Deep Ellum Art Co. in Dallas. According to Crimmings, artists aren’t getting many gigs these days due to the social distancing measures in place. Lawn concerts give them back that opportunity to make a living doing what they love, while also providing the public with a much-needed break from the worries of COVID-19.

“This is a really great way to feed musicians, who don’t have jobs going on like they did before,” Crimmings said. “And on top of it, we can’t go out to venues like we used to anymore. Now you can have somebody in your yard, you can share the experience with your neighbors, and still have your own bubble in your own yard. It’s a win-win-win all the way around.”

Check out the full concert below, which was live-streamed on the Deep Ellum Art Company’s YouTube page:

Story and photos by Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News.

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