Rockwall area tutoring centers helping students navigate the challenges of distance learning

Online Learning

ROCKWALL, TX – August 27, 2020 — With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting in-person learning this school year, many students have transitioned for the first time in their educational journey to online learning. It’s new territory for many in education, and with the change comes many challenges for students and parents to navigate.

If you’re struggling with the transition to online learning, never fear – just look to your local tutoring center! Not only can they help students tackle assignments, they also love to make learning as much fun as possible.

The fun factor goes a long way in ensuring that students stay excited about what their learning, particularly if it’s a complex subject like math. Co-owner of the local math tutoring center Mathnasium Rockwall-Heath Bob Barnes said their instructors make it a point to incorporate some entertainment into their virtual and in-person tutoring sessions.

“Our instructors will wear funny masks sometimes to start off a tutoring session,” Barnes said. “One day they all wore these big black fake beards, as a fun way to keep their students engaged in the session. We also have virtual games like rolling dice and spin the wheel for prizes that kids can play to get them motivated in their learning. We try to make learning math as much fun as possible.”

One of the main concerns when it comes to distance learning is having access to the internet. Beginning Aug. 31, Mathnasium will offer its new Prime Study Space program that will provide a comfortable workspace with a private desk, fast internet, and power outlet for each child to focus on distance learning in all subjects. Background-checked facilitators will keep them on task in their online classes and schoolwork, so you can focus on your day.

As always, safety is the top priority, and Mathnasium follows strict six-foot social distancing and disinfecting protocols. Students will also have their temperature checked and masks will be required at all times.

Another big challenge facing students in their distance learning is the temptation to become distracted from their studies. Parents working from home also have the stress of keeping their students focused while staying on track with the demands of their jobs as well.

According to Rebecca Ackmann, center director of Sylvan Learning Center Rockwall-Heath, online learning requires a lot more discipline from the student to stay focused and on task with their assignments.

“What virtual learning requires is for kids to be extremely organized and well prepared,” Ackmann said. “They have to be self-sufficient and be able to have a vast variety of study skills. Even those students with the best grades can struggle with that, because it’s not something that’s intuitive. You have to really know yourself as a learner and what things work well for you in terms of how you study.”

Sylvan Learning Center’s upcoming new Sylvan School Support program can take the load off parents and offer an effective way for students to stay focused in their virtual learning. The program, which will be offered to students grades 3-12 beginning Aug. 26, is designed to give parents of distance learners or those using the hybrid model within Rockwall County schools a quiet, safe, and affordable place to work on their classroom material for the school year. A certified tutor will be there to help students develop daily plans, keep them on-track with school assignments, help with any tricky questions, and most of all, make learning fun.

With these safe, convenient and effective services offered by your local tutoring centers, you and your child can overcome the challenges of distance learning.

By Austin Wells. Sylvan Learning and Mathnasium are Blue Ribbon News advertisers.

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