Study shows U.S. families still eat together on average 5 times a week

ROCKWALL, TX – August 24, 2020 — Life has changed. Twenty years ago kids were spending summer nights building forts outside and were told to be back by sundown, and now they have mobile phones. The modern parent works more and may be finding it difficult to balance their careers and family lives. Childhood fun has gone from board games to video games and adults seem to have less free time to relax – but how has this affected family life?

With the rise of technology and the need to adapt to modern working life, many believe that family time is being affected negatively. However, a survey by Wren Kitchens has shown that parents in the USA still hold a lot of traditional values when it comes to spending time with their children.

Families eat together on average 5 times a week

When asked how many times per week the family sits around the kitchen table and have a meal together, the results were surprisingly high. This seems to be still an important family moment for American families, and something many families are still making time for.

Results for how often families eat together per week:

U.S. families spend an average 1 hour and 52 mins outside together per week

Despite demanding careers, the study suggests American parents are still making time for their children, spending an average of nearly 2 hours outside with their kids every week. and an hour and a half baking.

Results for the different activities is below:

60% of U.S. families don’t allow mobile phones during meals

Despite the rise in technology usage across the world, more than half of respondents said mobile phones are not allowed on the dinner table during the evening meal.

Results are below:


Data was gathered by surveying 2000 US parents who are responsible and living with their children.

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