Sapphire Bay update: Rowlett city council approves amendments to development’s Regulating Plan

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ROWLETT, TX – February 25, 2021 — During a meeting on Feb. 24th, the Rowlett city council unanimously approved several amendments to the Regulating Plan for the Sapphire Bay development.

Some of the major warrants that were approved by the council are as follows:

Series of restaurants to replace movie theater

The movie theater block located in the northwestern corner of the development, which was in the original approved Regulating Plan, will be re-envisioned with a series of three potential drive through restaurants.

Also included in the amendments is a restaurant/retail element with 12 ancillary gas pumps (a concept similar to Rudy’s BBQ). The gas pumps would be screened from the IH-30 frontage road by buildings.

Townhomes along southwestern-most corner expanded from 16 units to 47 units

The townhome use has been expanded from the previously estimated 16 townhome units along the lake to approximately 47 townhome units.  The resulting expansion reduces the two-acre office site and reduces the 2.3-acre kite surf park to approximately 16,000 square feet.

The amendments still meet the requirements for dedicated open space and allow other open space areas for kite surfers.

Multifamily block expanded from 59 Townhome II units to 133

Amendments to the 4.4-acre multifamily block located in the southwestern corner of the development include the redistribution and increase of Townhome II units from 59 to 133.

Freestanding signage

A master signage package was approved to include 140 total freestanding signs ranging in size from 13 square feet to 900 square feet, including directional signage.

Hike and bike trail width reduction from 12 feet to no less than 10 feet

The council approved the applicant’s request to reduce the 12-foot-wide hiking and biking trail around the perimeter of the development to no less than 10 feet wide. The amendment specifies the reduction occur only in areas where development conditions require a tighter configuration, such as the townhomes in the southwestern corner.

For the full list of major warrants approved by the council, watch the live stream video of the council meeting here>> (the agenda item begins at the 1:57:00 mark of the video).

Blue Ribbon News staff report. Images from developer’s presentation to the council.

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