Rockwall County Uniform Election 2021 Candidate Q&A Series: Dalton Tasset

Dalton Tasset

ROCKWALL, TX – April 15, 2021 — As the Rockwall County Uniform Election 2021 approaches, Blue Ribbon News invited all candidates running for Rockwall ISD Board of Trustees to participate in our Candidate Q&A Series. We provided a questionnaire for each candidate on the ballot to provide some insight on themselves and their platform. The Early Voting period for the Rockwall County Uniform Election 2021 is April 17-29th. Election Day is Saturday, May 1st.

Meet Dalton Tasset, who is running for Place 2 on the Rockwall ISD school board in the upcoming election. Read all about Tasset in our questionnaire below.

First and Last Name: Dalton Tasset


City of Residence: Heath


Immediate Family Members:

Mona and Roy Hopkins, Brian, Austin, and Chloe Tasset. And Alexis Tucker, Natasha McDougle and Taryn Hopkins.


Education: Recent RISD grad and current college student.


Occupation: Interior Design


Political Experience: 

Helped create Turning point USA at UTA, Lobbied with Christians United For Israel, Involved with CPAC and the American Conservative Union.


Current and Past Public Service, Activism and Volunteerism: 

  • Best Buddies member 
  • Mentor and tutor for students with special needs 
  • Active in National and global Mission trips
  • Turning point USA member
  • Board member of Ronald Reagan day dinner (fundraiser for Rockwall GOP)
  • Zionist organization of America fellow 
  • Christians United for Israel member 

Why are you running? 

Growing up in Rockwall and coming up through RISD, I’ve been the “skin in the game” for years. This is a perspective that’s unfortunately never been represented or offered to our community until now. Our board needs someone like me with recent and relevant experience in our schools and knows where our strengths and weaknesses are at. Also, as a student with Dyslexia in RISD I know we need someone to focus on our students with 504 and IEPs because that is also missing unless you elect me to fight for these rights on the board.


What are some specific goals you would like to accomplish if elected?

#1- Strengthen 504 and IEPs

As a student with Dyslexia, I want to protect our students with 504 accommodations and IEPs to make sure they have what they need to achieve their fullest potential.

#2- Protecting personal freedom

I will make a personal guarantee to contest any mask guidelines in our schools and will vehemently fight any future suggestion of a vaccine mandate. Every citizen in this country is entitled to the freedom of choice and doesn’t deserve governmental overreach.

#3- Curriculum Transparency

I will advocate for transparency of our schools curriculum to provide our parents with the keys to the school house. We must allow them to review what is being taught to their children with the foremost thought of education rather than indoctrination.

#4- Defend the convictions of our community

I will defend the convictions of our students, parents and teachers in the classroom and ensure our students beliefs are respected and valued.

#5- Advocate for School Safety

The safety of students and teachers in the classroom is of upmost importance to me. I will diligently work toward ensuring their safety.

What is your stance on how the school board should handle the growth of the district and potential overcrowding of schools? 

Increasing class size does not benefit the student or the teacher. Studies have shown and I have personally witnessed that class size not only affects student achievement but also the students attitude toward learning. We need to make sure we are planning for growth and actively engaging with the community to hear their wishes for the future of our school district and make decisions based on that.


How would you assess the district’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic? What changes (if any) to the approach to the pandemic would you make?

It’s easy to say what you would change looking back on the decisions of others. I believe, we’ve all been dealt a bad hand with COVID and the board made some tough decisions as best they could. However, now is the time for the best decisions and I believe that is giving our students, teachers and parents their freedom back. No mandates, No overreach. let each person weight the risk for themselves.


In your opinion, what is the biggest issue facing our schools today? How would you help solve that issue if elected?

One of the biggest issues facing our nation today is the Indoctrination happening in our very own schools. This isn’t theory to me, I’ve lived it and it’s a large reason why I’m running. We need someone that can accurately address these types of failures. One example is critical race theory; it creeps in under the pretty words of diversity, equity and inclusion but don’t be fooled. This teaches our youth that racism is woven into the very fabric of American society and that we are an evil nation and it’s coming to a school near you. Like Cullins Lake Pointe, like Amy Parks, like Cain and like Heath High School and every other school that your tax dollars go towards. The time is now for bold leadership that understands this issue.


What do you like to do for fun? Any hobbies?

I love to travel as much as possible. I’ve been blessed to visit so many cool places in my life, but I’d have to say my favorite place has been Israel. Each time I go it’s a whole new experience. I encourage everyone I meet to visit.


What’s one thing others may be surprised to learn about you? 

I can spend hours inside art museums inspecting each painting and sculpture.


Anything else you’d like to share? 

COVID didn’t create all these issues… It exposed them to our community and I’m the guy that’ll fix them.

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