Rockwall County Uniform Election 2021 results

ROCKWALL, TX – May 1, 2021 — The results are in for the Rockwall County Uniform Election 2021, which saw upwards of 9,000 total votes.

Congrats to the following winners in their respective contested races(results from

Rockwall City Council

Place 3 – Clarence Jorif (1,417 votes); Dennis Lewis (950 votes); Priscylla Bento (590 votes); Jerry Welch (567 votes); Ron Smith (167 votes)

Rockwall ISD Board of Trustees

Place 1 – Sherry Packer (4,429 votes); Bobby Gallana (3,129 votes)

Place 2 – Frank Conselman (3,426 votes); Amy Johannesen (2,736 votes); Dalton Tasset (1,518 votes)

Place 3 – Linda Mitchell Duran (4,366 votes); Jill Clewis (3,054 votes)

Fate City Council

Place 5 – Jim DeLand (657 votes); Jonothan Heinrich (288 votes)

City of Fate Proposition A: $15 million in bonds to cover various road construction projects throughout the city; projects include turn lanes at 551 and I-30, Gettysburg to Blackland, Watertower Rd. North and South, Woodcreek Blvd. extension to I-30 frontage road, Riding Club Rd. East realignment

For – 656 votes
Against – 401 votes

Proposition B: Termination of Fate Development Corporation (Type B) and its associated sales tax, and the adoption of a local sales tax and use tax in the City of Fate at a rate of one and a half percent; This would result in zero net change in the total sales tax rate

For – 817 votes
Against – 223 votes

Heath City Council

Place 6 – Rich Krause (1,287 votes); Jeff Ivy (664 votes)

McLendon- Chisholm City Council

Place 3 – Trudy Woessner (284 votes); Paul Patrick Day (166 votes)

Place 5 – Dan Tucker (291 votes); Val Bodart (114 votes)

City of Rowlett Proposition A: Subsection (3) (“Term Limits”) of Section 3.02 of the Rowlett City Charter be amended to extend the term limits of the Mayor and Councilmembers from two (2) consecutive terms to three (3) total terms, whether or not consecutive, and to define the length of service constituting a full term

For – 297 votes
Against – 257 votes

Proposition B: Subsections (1) and (2) of Section 3.11 (“Compensation for the Mayor and Councilmembers”) of the Rowlett City Charter be amended to change the compensation to $750 per month for the mayor and $450 per month for councilmembers

Against – 341 votes
For – 218 votes

Proposition C: Section 5.03 (“City Auditor”) of the Rowlett City Charter be amended to remove the requirement for an ordinance such that Section 5.03 of the Rowlett City Charter shall read as follows:
“Section 5.03 City Auditor
The City Council may shall appoint a City Auditor. The City Council by ordinance shall
define the responsibilities, compensation, and authority of the City Auditor.

Against – 312 votes
For – 216 votes

Proposition D: Section 3.21 (“Code of Ethics”) of the Rowlett City Charter be amended to add a requirement that a Code of Ethics include provisions regarding the use of social media, such that Section 3.21 of the Rowlett City Charter shall read as follows:
“SECTION 3.21 Code of Ethics
The City Council by ordinance shall establish a Code of Ethics governing the City Council and all city employees which shall include at least the following: wrongful influence, wrongful interference, employees’ political activities, penalties, conflict of interest, and acceptance of gifts, and the use of social media.”

For – 380 votes
Against – 164 votes

Proposition E: Subsection (1) (“Establishment”), Appendix “E” Endnotes, Subsection (2) (“Additional Courts”), Subsection (3) (“Civil and Concurrent Jurisdiction”) and Subsection (7) (“Clerk”) of Section 2.03 (“Municipal Court”) of the Rowlett City Charter be amended to add an explanatory endnote following the first sentence of Section 2.03(1), to reference Section 5.04 of the Charter regarding terms of office, to provide for civil and concurrent jurisdiction, and to change the appointment authority of the Municipal Court Clerk and Deputy Clerks from the City Manager to the Presiding Judge

Against – 283 votes
For – 246 votes

Proposition F: Subsections (1) (“Appointment”) and (2) (“Duties”) of Section 5.04 (“Municipal Judge”) of the Rowlett City Charter be amended to remove two-year terms of office for the Chief Judge and alternate or associate judges and to provide for the supervision of court staff by the Chief Judge

Against – 355 votes
For – 180 votes

Royse City City Council

Place 2 (unexp) – Russell Rattarree (457 votes); Cortlin LaBlank (121 votes)

Royse City ISD Proposition A: $230 million bond project including the following:
• A new campus for Cherry Elementary School
• Converting existing Cherry Elementary into an early childhood center (pre-school)
• Expansions to Herndon and Vernon Elementary
• Building two new elementary schools

For – 973 votes
Against – 320 votes

Proposition B: RCISD Stadium Expansion and Parking; Baseball & Softball Stadium Expansion and Entrance

For – 876 votes
Against – 417 votes

Blue Ribbon News staff report.