Royse City middle school student founds a patisserie for dogs

ROYSE CITY, TX – July 8, 2021 — Paws up, pups! A Royse City middle schooler is bringing a new patisserie to town serving delicious, vet-approved treats.

Klair McClendon, an eighth grade student at Ouida Baley Middle School, found inspiration to start her own dog treat company called Pup’s Patisserie from her own four-legged companion named Amelia.

“One day I was playing with my dog and I thought about how cool it would be to open a dog treat business – especially one that is all natural and enjoyable for dogs to eat,” Klair said.

After school ended in May, Klair decided to have a bake sale to let folks and their furry companions try out her dog treat recipes. She reached out to the friendly staff at the Royse City Chamber of Commerce, who were only too happy to let her set up a stand for the sale at their office. Klair received a good showing of support from the community, and the turnout included several folks from organizations around town and the former Mayor of Royse City, Janet Nichol. Doggies enjoyed Klair’s own scrumptious and nutritious recipes including Peanut Butter Pumpkin Treats and Apple Cinnamon Pretzels. She wanted to make sure that her treats were 100 percent safe for dogs, so all of her recipes are vet-approved. She’s also planning to include some gluten-free options in the future.

Klair and her family are fairly new residents to Royse City, having moved there about a year and a half ago. She said they haven’t had the opportunity to really get to know the people of the community, so she was excited to see so many faces come out and show support for her patisserie.

“I met a lot of really cool people, and they were all very supportive and very kind,” Klair said. “Some even asked if we could work together in the future. It was cool to see the community come out and show support. I was really grateful for that.”

Klair said she has plans to participate in the Rockwall Farmers Market this month, so bring your pups out to the market for a treat!

By Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News. Courtesy photos.

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