Rockwall School of Music implements Family Safety Plan

ROCKWALL, TX – August 19, 2021 — Rockwall School of Music has undergone some updates that will help teachers, families and staff become safer in many ways.

“In today’s world, there’s nothing more important than providing a safe space for our teachers, families and staff,” said Russ Porter, director of RSM. “Safety starts when parents drive into our parking lot, drop off their child for lessons, enter our building, attend their lesson and leave for home.

Porter said the safety plan concept was implemented when RSM’s new building was being constructed. With the advent of Covid-19 many precautions were implemented and safety procedures were expanded. Directional signage has been added to the parking lot to ensure safety as children are dropped off for lessons. Covid updates are monitored and daily procedures are adjusted as needed to be compliant with State, County and City guidelines. Finally, all office staff have received and passed CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid certification.

All of the action plans that were implemented by Rockwall School of Music have caught the attention of the Music Academy Success corporation, which has awarded the Rockwall School of Music their exclusive Family Safety Badge for Music Schools.

Once individuals enter the RSM facility, they immediately notice why RSM is so deserving of this award. The Safety Seal is awarded to Music Schools based on five criteria, all of which, RSM has met or exceeded. The criteria are as follows:

  1. Observation Windows in Each Studio: While it is expected that older kids and teenagers will not need their parents to sit in on every music lesson, some parents may not feel comfortable with having their child in a separate room for lessons. To appease both students who wish for their lessons to be private and parents concerned about safety, RSM has installed large observation windows on every single door so parents can view their student’s lesson with peace of mind.
  2. Office Staff Always Present: At RSM, they require office staff to be present during lessons. Many music studios do not employ office staff. RSM believes having office staff present when lessons are taught is a non-negotiable!
  3. Background Checks: RSM requires that teachers and staff members undergo extensive background checks. RSM teachers are required to pass four tests: a National Offender Search, Statewide Criminal Background Check, National Criminal Background Check, and Social Security Number Verification. RSM views this as a necessary measure to preserve the safety and integrity of our music school.
  4. Security Cameras: At RSM, safety is a top priority. They have security cameras in all common areas and all teaching rooms. These precautionary measures may be costly to RSM but an important investment in the safety of students and the peace of mind of parents.
  5. Open-Door Policy: RSM has an open-door policy for parents, which means that they’re invited to sit in on their child’s lessons. This should be something any parent looks for when selecting an appropriate music school for your family.

“In today’s world, parents expect child-friendly businesses to be a safe place for their family to attend,” Porter said. “At Rockwall School of Music, we want parents to KNOW that their child’s safety is our top priority. We are honored to have this music school seal of approval.”

The Rockwall School of Music is celebrating its 25th year anniversary and has year-round enrollment for individuals interested in piano, guitar, drums, violin, viola, cello, singing, ukulele or bass lessons. To learn more, stop by 1920 Mims Rd, Rockwall, call 972-722-6874 or visit

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