Ace in the Hole: Rockwall resident wins truck on hole-in-one at Patriot PAWS Annual Golf Tournament


ROCKWALL, TX – November 24, 2021 — Local resident Preston Wells almost didn’t take what would end up being the luckiest golf shot of his life.

Preston, his dad Dennis, and his friend George Beasley made up one of the golfing teams at the Patriot PAWS Annual Golf Tournament held in September at the Firewheel Golf Park. When they rolled up to hole number 11 – a par 3 of around 160+ yards long – Preston checked his watch and realized he had to get going or he would be late for an appointment at Lake Pointe Church.

The par 3 promised anyone lucky enough to get the ball in the hole in one shot would win a brand new pickup truck courtesy of Rockwall Ford. So he thought, might as well go for it. He lined up at the tee with his club of choice (a 3 wood), set the ball on the grass and took the shot.

The ball flew straight and true, sailing over the sand bunker and water hazard and bouncing onto the green. But where it went from there, they weren’t quite sure – until a couple ladies from Patriot PAWS who were nearby started shouting and pointing excitedly at the hole.

“The thing is, I never hit a 3 wood very well at all,” Preston said. “It’s one of the hardest clubs to use because it requires more of an oval type of swing.”



The ace was the first in the tournament’s nine-year history, and the also the first of Preston’s lifetime since he took up the sport several years ago.

“Honestly it felt like a dream,” Preston said. “I was shell-shocked a bit. The most awesome thing I’ll ever do on a golf course for sure. It was very special!”

Yesterday morning, Nov. 23, Rockwall Ford and Patriot PAWS presented the keys to the Ford F150 to the man of the hour.


Preston Wells and Rockwall Ford General Manager Jeff Hicks


“I’ve been a part of these types of tournament giveaways for many, many years and I’ve never had anyone actually win the truck. We’re so excited for Preston!” said Rockwall Ford General Manager Jeff Hicks.

By Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News.

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