Retired Chief Warrant Officer shares experiences with Noon Exchange Club

Retired Chief Warrant Officer Jack McPherson.

(Garland) Nancy Ghirla was the guest speaker at the Oct. 5 meeting of the Noon Exchange Club of Garland. Members were anticipating hearing about The Garland Messenger, the news publication she founded four years ago to enlighten citizens about the good things happening in Garland. To their surprise Nancy brought with her a special friend – retired Chief Warrant Officer Jack McPherson.

Nancy Ghirla, Garland Messenger, and Rosie Neely, secretary, Noon Exchange Club of Garland.

Jack pretty much stole the show. He joined the United States Army in 1942 and served in many campaigns during World War II, the Korean conflict and Vietnam. Jack miraculously has only scars of battle, and wounds from the death and destruction. He also carries the memories of many victories. Jack has received numerous medals and citations during the 42 years he spent in the United States Army.

In addition to bringing Jack, Nancy talked about her interest in Garland and what she has found by nosing around. She gave everyone a quiz about some of the things she has found in the last four years.  So – do you know where to go rainbow trout fishing year round in Garland or how many historic markers can be found in Garland?  Nancy also told the club members about the Veterans’ Tribute Garden, located behind the Garland Senior Citizens Center and Veterans Day Celebration to be held honoring all Veterans and unveiling the new World War II plaque.

 It is interesting what you can find out by attending one of the meetings of The Noon Exchange Club of Garland. The club meets every Wednesday at Eastern Hills Country Club, 3000 S. Country Club Road from noon to 1 p.m. 

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