Longsworth Insurance: Come hail or high water

No one wants to imagine their home being flooded, struck by lightning, or burglarized. We purchase homeowners insurance and count on it to protect us should we experience damage or property loss. But until tragedy strikes, many of us aren’t sure exactly what our policy will and won’t cover.

Jay Longsworth

“Your home is your castle, perhaps your greatest single asset,” said Jay Longsworth, owner of Longsworth Insurance Agency in Dallas. “Insurance can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. Homeowners aren’t always aware of the limits in their coverage. Too often, insurance agents try to earn your business by developing plans that offer the lowest premium, rather than making sure you’re properly insured.”

Longsworth believes in first educating his clients so they have a full understanding of the insurance product – what it protects, where the potential gaps in coverage may be – and then he develops a plan to make sure they are correctly insured.

“Only after that is completed do we discuss premium,” Longsworth said. “My new clients often tell me I’m the first agent who has ever taken the time to fully explain policy coverages in detail, which is always surprising to me.”

Unlike most agents, Longsworth also takes time to personally inspect the homes of his clients before recommending a homeowners plan.

“How can an agent recommend or calculate the coverage amount for a house if they have never seen it? That’s like a doctor diagnosing your illness without ever seeing you in person. If your house is different and unique from all the other houses, your insurance needs are going to be unique as well,” he said.

“The true value of insurance rests in knowing the difference between simply having insurance and being properly insured.” – Jay Longsworth

Longsworth’s expertise extends beyond the home to include a full line of auto, life, health, and commercial insurance. His agency, a Farmers Insurance agency, currently serves more than 850 clients, with a 92 percent retention rate. Not surprisingly, his new business comes mainly through client referrals.

“Before opening my agency, I spent 10 years in the corporate relocation business and eight years in the corporate furniture business. My clients included Exxon,Texas Instruments, Raytheon, Ericsson and JCPenney, to name a few. Through that experience I learned the true value of customer service and accountability,” Longsworth said. “Fortunately when I opened my insurance business I was able to continue working one-on-one with several of those executives, their employees and their families – building term relationships and helping them manage their ever-changing insurance needs.”

At Longsworth Insurance Agency, everyone is treated as a client – not a customer and not simply a policy holder.

“Whether you’ve been a long-term client or you’re a student calling me for the first time about renters insurance, you will get the same level of commitment from me.  I take the time to thoroughly evaluate your needs,” said Longsworth.

That client-based service means Longsworth makes himself available 24 hours a day, should an emergency arise.

“Let’s face it, you’re not going to have a car accident when it’s convenient. It’s never convenient. Chances are you’re going to have it in the evening or on the weekend when most agents’ offices are typically closed,” he said. “No matter what time of day, I’m available for my clients, even if it’s just to talk and provide reassurance.”

Thomas Austin, of R. Austin and Sons USA in Dallas, knows first-hand the benefits of working with Longsworth.

CLICK THE PHOTO to LISTEN to Jay Longsworth's interview with news anchor Scott Sams on KRLD. Photo: BlueRibbonNews.com.

“I am not surprised to learn that Longsworth Insurance Agency has been recognized as a True Blue DFW Business,” he said. “My family and I are regular beneficiaries of Jay’s professionalism, courtesy, and honesty. It is a great comfort for me to have Jay representing our insurance needs. I have been able to count on him on multiple occasions to give me great advice and provide me with detailed and relevant information when it comes to deciding on the type, scope, and level of insurance we need.”

Longsworth also goes above and beyond for his community, serving on the Rockwall County Family YMCA Board of Management. He supports the YMCA Partners Campaign and the March of Dimes.

Longsworth Insurance Agency is located at 3110 Webb Ave., Suite 201, Dallas, TX 75205.

Call Jay Longsworth at 214-443-3800 or visit his website at farmersagent.com/jlongsworth.

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Written by Dawn Redig, Blue Ribbon News, for publication in the True Blue Business special supplment to the Wall Street Journal, Q1 Edition, March 7, 2012; all rights reserved.