59th Annual Rockwall Youth Fair results announced

Photo courtesy of Andrea Prado.

Enthusiasm and excitement filled the air as the 59th Annual Rockwall Youth Fair got underway with more than 200 entries. The activity, held at the Rockwall ISD Ag Complex on Riding Club Road, took place from Wednesday, March 21 through March 24, 2012.

The Youth Fair was held as an achievement event for all youth involved in agriculture livestock projects, Ag. Mechanics projects, as well as clothing and textiles.

Youth from across the county exhibited skills and knowledge including skills of goal setting, project preparation and exhibition. Youth participating in the Shop Divisions demonstrated skills welding as well as creative design techniques.  Clothing and textile participants demonstrated skills in sewing as well as color and texture combinations, and composition.

Other youth in the animal divisions demonstrated skills of teamwork, character, and critical thinking. Most importantly, the young people showed skills of good sportsmanship. Families shared valuable quality time together and friendships were made and nurtured.

Following the Livestock Show on Saturday, the Market Sale was held and market animals were sold to the highest bidder. Funds received from the sales assist the young people in further development of their agriculture interests or are often put aside to help pay for college.   Buyers participating in this year’s event include:

Grand Champion Market Steer – Circle M Farms

Grand Champion Market Hog – Eldorado Chemical

Grand Champion Market Lamb – The Fatted Calf

Grand Champion Market Goat – Circle M Farms

Grand Champion Pen of Market Rabbits – Farmers Electric Cooperative

Grand Champion Pen of Broilers – Dwight Lindop

Reserve Champion Market Steer – Endevour General Agency

Reserve Champion Market Hog – Farmers Electric Cooperative

Reserve Champion Pen of Market Rabbits – Birdsong Electric

Reserve Champion Pen of Broilers – Dwight Lindop

Additional buyers included:

Jeff Adams, Robert and Stephanie Adams, Alliance Bank, American National Bank, Blackland Railroad, Blasé Family Farms, Brookshires, Community Bank, Don Gage, Skip Goodwin Cattle Company, Heath Lawn & Tree Care, Heritage Land Bank, JJJ Ranch, Lakeside Chevrolet, Lakeside National Bank, Ralph Parman, James Patrick, Presbyterian Hospital of Rockwall, Restaurant AVA, Rockwall County Farm Bureau, Rockwall Veterinary Hospital, Service Electric, Bob and Mary Sue Smith, and Southwest Ford of Greenville.

The Rockwall Youth Fair Board and exhibitors appreciate all of the buyers for their support as many purchased more than one lot.  Also recognition is given to the many individuals who made up the “Buyers Poole” contributing to many of the lots.

Special contributors to the success of the 2012 Rockwall Youth Fair include Corky Randolph and Alliance Bank for the donation of belt buckles provided for the Champion and Reserve Champion Market Animal exhibitors, as well as belt buckles for the Showmanship winners.

Also, recognition is given to The Fatted Calf for donating the High Point Buckle for Thursday night’s Junior Livestock Judging Contest.

Appreciation also goes to Chick-Fil-A for providing hot chicken breakfast sandwiches for the exhibitors and volunteers, as well as Heritage Land Bank for providing pizza and sodas for the workers at the Agriculture Awareness Day on Friday.

The show was sponsored by the Rockwall Youth Fair Board. Members include Ron Evans – President; Robert Adams – Vice President; Michelle Morris – Secretary; and Cindy Knochel – Treasurer.

Other board members include Mike Donegan, Kevin Fowler, Paul Montgomery, Jackie Pullen, Travis Reynolds, Randy Schieberle, Oliver Spiller, Stanley Springer and Honorary Director, Odis Lowe.

Advisors to the board are Rockwall Agricultural Science Instructors, Casey Jones and Bobby Fowler and Rockwall County Extension Agent, Todd K. Williams.

The Youth Fair Board presented a special award to Don Gage for his continued support of the Rockwall Youth Fair.

Reported awards for the achievement event are as follows:

Ag. Mechanics Show

Judges –  David Burton – Ag Science Instructor, Boles High School; Kevin Dillard – Ag Science, Savoy High School

Grand Champion – Tucker Doughty; Reserve Champion – Callie Merritt; Showmanship – Ryan Ullom

Clothing Show

Best of Show Clothing Junior – Jordan Huff; Best of Show Clothing Intermediate – Sarah DiGirolamo; Best of Show Non-Clothing Junior – Corinne Moody; Best of Show Non-Clothing Intermediate – Victoria Reynolds

Livestock Show

Judge of Breeding Animals, and Market Broilers, Lambs & Rabbits – Loyd Nations, Van ISD Ag. Science Instructor

Judge of Market Goats, Hogs and Steers – Stu Dildine, Bullard ISD Ag. Science Instructor

Swine Show

Junior Showmanship:   Allen Bornemann

Senior Showmanship:   Cale Merritt

Market Swine

Light Weight:

1st         Jacob Hillman

2nd        Callie Merritt

3rd        Cody Miller

4th                 Alyssa Adams

Medium Weight:

1st         Cale Merritt

2nd        Ben Adams

3rd        Jacob Robinson

4th         Sam Crowell

5th         Brook Peters

6th         Ryan Ullom

7th         Cade Miller

Heavy Weight:

1st         Mackenzie Crowell

2nd        Carson Pittman

3rd        Chandler Houser

4th         Cameron Defebaugh

5th         Luke Termin

Grand Champion:          Callie Merritt

Reserve Champion:      Mackenzie Crowell

Breeding Hogs

Class 1

1st      Allen Bornemann

Class 2

1st            Callie Merritt

Class 3

1st Cale Merritt

2nd Callie Merritt

3rd  Callie Merritt

Grand Champion         Cale Merritt

Reserve Champion      Callie Merritt

Beef Show

 Junior Showmanship:    Kirsten Miller

Senior Showmanship:    Will Morris

 Market Steers

 Light Weight

1st         Elliot Dewire

Light Medium Weight

1st         Kirsten Miller

2nd        Zoey Ford

3rd         Sydney Garber

Medium Weight

1st         Blake Adams

2nd        Will Morris

Heavy Weight

1st         Tanner Howey

2nd        Joshua Born

Grand Champion:          Blake Adams

Reserve Champion:      Will Morris

Breeding Beef Heifers

Junior Heifer Calves

1st        Tanner Howey

Senior Heifer Calves

1st         Ethan Spearman

Grand Champion:          Tanner Howey

Reserve Champion:      Ethan Spearman

Goat Show

Junior Showmanship:    Ashlyn Stembridge

Senior Showmanship:    Laura Donaldson


Light Weight

1st          Ashlyn Stembridge

2nd        Gage Mitchell

Light Medium Weight

1st            Anna Schieberle

2nd        Ashlyn Stembridge

3rd        Laura Donaldson

4th         Cole Donaldson

5th         Olivia Donaldson

Heavy Medium Weight

1st         Carson Glasscock

2nd        Trevor Rowe

3rd        Kaitlyn Rothbauer

Heavy Weight

1st         Ashlyn Stembridge

2nd        Kylee Adams

3rd        Reece Simpson

4th         Bradley Simpson

Grand Champion:          Ashlyn Stembridge

Reserve Champion:      Ashlyn Stembridge


Doe Kids          (0-6 months)

1st         Ashlyn Stembridge

Junior Does      (6-12 months)

1st         Bailey Pennington

2nd        Carson Pennington

Grand Champion:          Ashlyn Stembridge

Reserve Champion:      Bailey Pennington

Lamb Show

Grand Champion:          Emily Ullom

Broiler Show

Grand Champion:          Shelby Rowe

Reserve Champion:      Noah Ford

3rd place:      Erin Self

Rabbit Show

Market Rabbits

Junior Showmanship                             Sarah Harper

Senior Showmanship                             Samantha Cox

Grand Champion Pen:                           Samantha Cox

Reserve Champion Pen:                       Bobbie Carr

3rd        Kate Pierce

4th         Olivia Born

5th         Kylee Adams

6th         Jacquelyn Cox

7th         Haley Sachse

8th         Mckenzie Hale

9th          Sarah Harper

10th       Grace Marcantel

11th       Sydney Schuyler

12th       Katie Marcantel

13th       Kaelyn Lawson

14th       Sam Kazlow

15th       Jade Washington

16th       Alexa Cox

17th       Sarah Kazlow

18th       Emily Guthrie

Breeding Rabbits


Best of Breed – Corinne Moody


Rockwall High artists draw top honors at Youth Fair 

Shelby Rowe celebrates Grand Champion Broilers win

Jones Elementary student earns Grand Champion awards

Cullins Lake Pointe student wins first place in medium goat division

Rockwall Youth Fair underway

Submitted by Shelly Spearman. Photo courtesy of Andrea Prado.  

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