Sassy sheds light on shaving your Shepherd

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Dear Sassy,

My Australian Shepherd is shedding all over the house. Should I shave him during the summer?


Dear Hairy,

Australian Shepherds and other double-coated breeds have a dense undercoat. Changes in the seasons and weather can cause them to shed. Even though summer weather will increase the shedding, Sassy does not recommend shaving your dog.

A well brushed coat acts as insulation and allows air circulation to keep the dog cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. Regular brushing with a slick bush and wire comb will help for normal shedding. During heavier shedding times, use other grooming tools such as a Furminator or rake to remove the clumping undercoat.

Instead of shaving, thinning and trimming the hair will keep the coat more manageable. The belly and haunches can be trimmed shorter to help with the heat.

Many people do shave their dogs with undercoats, with mixed results. Some coats may always grow back without any issues. However, it could grow back slowly and unevenly, or not at all. Shaving can also change the color or texture of the coat.

If you decide to shave your dog, Sassy asks you to remember to limit your dog’s time outside to protect from sunburn, mosquito and fly bites.

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Sassy would like to introduce you to her new friend, Merle


Meet baby Merle. She is a 10-week-old Australian Shepherd mix. She is very sweet loveable and playful. She will require regular brushing to help with shedding as she gets older. This dog has been started on prevention, Revolution. Given a DHPPC combination shot, Bordatella and Strongid T. worming. The adoption fee for this animal is $80 for Rowlett residents, $75 for non residents and $55 for seniors.

If you are interested in meeting Merle, visit the Rowlett Animal Shelter, 4402 Industrial St, Rowlett, TX. 75088. Phone: 972.412.6219



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