In-Sync Exotics welcomes baby bobcat

(Wylie) September 1, 2012 – A baby bobcat was found sitting on the side of a busy road by a couple in Royce City. After keeping it as a pet for about two weeks, the couple decided it was time to re-home him. On August 1, 2012, the couple brought the young bobcat to us. This little kitten was not even a tiny bit afraid of the new surroundings, immediately winning the hearts of In-Sync staff and volunteers.

Initially, it was thought that baby Gideon might be a candidate for the rehabilitation and release program, so In-Sync consulted its local bobcat “rehabber” to see what the chances were to ultimately release him into the wild. In-Sync learned he was not a good candidate for the program because he has no fear of humans and would constantly try to get into people’s laps or climb up their legs for food and attention (ouch!).

The decision was made to welcome him to the In-Sync Exotics’ family. As soon as he is old enough, In-Sync plans to introduce him to at least one other bobcat. It will be some time before Gideon will be out “around-the-clock” for visitors to see; rest assured In-Sync will be taking great care of the baby as he grows!

In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center, located at 3430 Skyview Drive in Wylie, is dedicated to the rescue and care of abused, neglected, or unwanted exotic cats. There are now 60 exotic cats and one coatimundi calling In-Sync home. This includes three exceptionally rare white lions, a golden tabby tiger, three white tigers and two cheetahs.

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Submitted by Lisa Williams, In-Sync Exotics.

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