Garland police officer rescues kitten stuck under SUV

June 1, 2013 – We have all heard about how firemen rescue kittens from trees.  Well, Motorcycle Officer R.P. Clark of the Garland Police Department is credited with rescuing a kitten from underneath a Kia Soul.

Last week, Officer Clark observed a pickup suddenly stop in the roadway in the area of Plano Road and Walnut Street.  He then noticed there was a small yellow kitten crossing the roadway; the pickup driver had stopped abruptly to avoid hitting the kitten.  Moments later, he saw an SUV stop behind the pickup.  To his surprise, instead of the kitten continuing to cross the street, it climbed up the back tire of the SUV.  Officer Clark quickly got the attention of the SUV’s driver to prevent him from driving away and harming the kitten.  The driver and Officer Clark attempted to grab the kitten, but it quickly hid under the vehicle and out of their reach.   Officer Clark asked the driver of the SUV to slowly pull off the roadway and into a nearby bank parking lot.

The driver and the officer figured out the kitten had climbed up on top of the gas tank and out of their reach.   Officer Clark decided that the only alternative was to dismantle the gas tank and drop it down to see if someone could reach the kitten.  The driver/owner of the SUV agreed that dropping the gas tank was the only way to rescue the kitten.  Officer Clark crawled under the SUV and loosened the gas tank enough to lower it.  By this time, several people had gathered to watch the rescue attempt and an employee from the nearby bank could see the kitten on top of the gas tank.  She was able to reach in and rescue the kitten while Officer Clark held the gas tank.

The bank employee, Bianca, after rescuing the kitten decided she wanted to keep the kitten since there was no one there to claim it.

Officer Clark had one request of Bianca, name the kitten KIA, after the model of the SUV it was found under.   Bianca agreed and Kia seems very content.

Submitted by James Rogers, Sr. Forensic Investigator, Garland PD.

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