An unexpected surprise for everyone!

John Adams

A good friend of ours that we attended church with in the late 1970’s told a great story from her childhood. First you must see the docile, calm, family atmosphere picture as she, her siblings and their mom were sitting in the living room watching TV.

Now it was the father’s routine upon taking a shower to afterwards shave in the buff before getting dressed. This was what he was doing and all was quiet and serene as the family relaxed. Until…Until, suddenly from the bathroom where dad was a great commotion erupted. Shouting, screaming and crashes as if a street brawl had just broken out.

Then, all of a sudden, the bathroom door flung open and dad came running down the hallway buck naked clutching a towel precariously over his head and screaming, “Open the door! Open the door!”

One family member gathered her stunned senses and opened the door. Her dad violently threw the towel out the door and into the front yard. When it landed a dazed and confused squirrel dashed out and up into the tree tops.

It seems that while her dad stood there shaving, that varmint suddenly sprang up out of the toilet beside him and was desperately seeking relief, which led, of course, to the battle that ensued. Dad was surely glad that he wasn’t sitting down at the time!

That was one of those rare family times that will not be forgotten. I know it has brought many belly laughs for them over the years.

Now, I know what you will most likely do – the same thing that I did upon hearing this tale. Go to the hardware store, buy some screen and place it over the vents on the roof. Yep…don’t blame you.

By Blue Ribbon News special contributor John Adams of Rockwall. John is in telecom sales and also serves as an Associate Pastor at Poetry Baptist Church. He is active in the Rockwall Breakfast Rotary. Visit his guest columns at and his blog at