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EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article introduces a new series by Blue Ribbon News special contributor Rhonda Wright of Rockwall, who will be shining the spotlight on local employees who go the extra mile.

If you know a hard-working individual who deserves recognition for a job well done, nominate them by emailing editor@BlueRibbonNews.com. They may be featured here and/or in an upcoming print edition.

Blue Ribbon News special contributor Rhonda Wright of Rockwall.

ROCKWALL (January 30, 2014) It feels like the world is spinning faster and the days are getting shorter, yet we continue to be more productive than ever before. Society demands that we be smarter and accomplish more with streamline efficiency. Technology allows us to pay at the pump, get cash from a machine and self-check at the grocery. Texting has replaced voice conversation and emails eliminate the need for personal letters.

When we do encounter the human element, they tend to process their tasks with mechanical animation. They speed through your transaction, never looking up or acknowledging your presence. You’re basically to just slide and go. Often, I find myself being the one who says, “thank you.”

Must becoming more efficient require us to lose the personal touch? What a shock when someone looks me in the eye, smiles and says thank you. Even better when I am recognized as a repeat customer and called by name.

Occasionally, I do find someone who excels in customer service, a person who takes pride in their position and enjoys working with people. These special people know the importance of retaining the human factor. You return to their business not only because they provide excellent service but because they take time to appreciate your patronage.

In today’s fast-paced world, many companies place more value on numbers than people. I want to recognize those associates who build business one customer at a time. These people may be unappreciated by their employer but never by the individual across the counter. They make our world brighter, so let’s add a little glow to theirs.

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