Meet Dottie, Blue Ribbon News Pet of the Week

ROCKWALL (January 6, 2014) Now that the New Year has arrived, it’s a great time to give yourself an image makeover. Dottie is here to help.

Imagine yourself strutting down the street with this sleek beauty by your side. Now visualize the reaction. Cars will stop, neighbors will gawk and you’ll be the center of attention. Are you ready for the spotlight during 2014? Do you want all eyes on you? Laid back Dottie is happy to give you all of the limelight. All she wants is your love and devotion.

Start your makeover by finding out more about Dottie at or by sending an e-mail to .

Submitted by Michael Kitkoski. Photos by Anne Haddox.

Our Blue Ribbon News Pet of the Week is proudly sponsored by Erin Atkins, Agent, Hanby Ramey King Insurance. Connect with her at 972-771-4110 or email

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