Letter to the Editor: “There are angels walking among us” in Rockwall

ROCKWALL, TX (March 19, 2014) Dear Editor,

On Monday, January 13, 2014, I had no idea that four angels would walk into my life — total strangers (angels, as I call them) who just happen to be eating at the Denny’s in Rockwall.

These four angels have been close friends since their children were small, normally meeting at another local restaurant to have breakfast together.  On this morning, they decided to meet at a different location – Denny’s – for their monthly get-together.

My mother (Valerie Spinks, 93 years young) and I decided to have breakfast after completing her first physical therapy session for her right shoulder.  I noticed the four ladies as we were enjoying our breakfast but had no idea that they would play such a vital part in my mother’s life.

We all completed our breakfast about the same time and paid our bills.  These four angels left the restaurant before we did, but they were outside saying their good-byes as we exited the restaurant.  Since Mom is 93 I always park in handicap parking, and I always walk in front of her; well, that morning she got in front of me.  In just a split second Mom was standing and then she wasn’t.  Yes, she went face down on the concrete.  These four angels jumped into action, getting napkins, towels to stop the bleeding, offering to call 911 which they did and upon arrival of the ambulance offered to drive me to the ER.

That wasn’t the end of the four angels.  They came to the hospital to check on my mom and brought her a potted plant.

Oh no — that isn’t the end either! They came to the Broadmoor Lodge to check on Mom, where my mother spent 1 ½ months in rehabilitation.

My mom is now back home and enjoying life again.  I wish to thank and recognize to our community these four angels:  Mindi Schatz, Yolanda Roof, Jennifer Norris and Jennifer Hicks.

Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart, God Bless each of you.


Dorene S. Turner and Valerie Spinks

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