‘RanDDom’ as he is… Country singer Deryl Dodd is back

ROCKWALL, TX (March 31, 2014) Recently Rockwall resident Cheryl Dodd Nabors proudly shared, “Deryl Dodd Productions” on her facebook.  She is not only the twin of the authentic country singer but also one of his biggest fans.

Having grown up with a strong belief in God, Deryl, Cheryl and other members of the close-knit Dodd family celebrated their faith singing many old southern gospel songs on his grandparents’ farm throughout their childhood.

Deryl smiled genuinely recalling the times he spent on the farm. “I would ride on the tractor, sing and play musical instruments with my family every summer. I was raised on southern gospel music, and now I want my music to mean something to others and make a difference in their lives. It matters if they truly understand the lyrics and messages in my songs. I want them to ‘get it’!”

The Saturday night crowd at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas certainly “got it” while they waited waited anxiously for the chart topping country artist to appear on March 14.  Most knew that Deryl Dodd appeared with Martina McBride, Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw as well as Brooks & Dunn, and had been successful and well-known in Nashville.  What the crowd did not realize was the country singer was more than a survivor after a life-threatening illness, a divorce and other business problems almost stopped his career in 1996.

Dodd is well-known for many favorite chart topping songs such as: “Friends Don’t Drive Friends,” “That’s How I Got to Memphis,” “Sundown,”  “A Bitter End,” “One Ride in Vegas,” “Pearl Snaps,” “Fixin to Get Real Good,” “My New Tony Lamas,” “Honky Tonk Champagne,” “I’m not Home Right Now” and “Together Again.”

Deryl swaggered on stage with a genuine smile, an incredible singing voice, a playful charismatic appeal and within seconds, the crowd belonged to him.

The 6’2″ tall country singer became more to his fans than just another talent; they actually saw a human being sharing the same thoughts and feelings with every person in the crowd.

The love the audience had for Deryl was even more evident when the concert ended. The crowd refused the country star’s “thank you” to end the night, clapped and cheered for more music which the gracious star delivered. Deryl struck the heart strings of the crowd, as easily as the strings on his guitar.

Images: deryldodd.com

In Dodd’s latest CD, “RanDDom As I am”, Deryl sings with such passion, “Anybody Out There” signaling to fans the singer has had more than his fair share of heartache and disappointments.  “Anybody Out There,” like many songs written by the singer/songwriter, is sung with such emotion, it leaves listeners in tears.

Deryl Dodd is not going away as he has much more to say. This homegrown man is humble, talented, and most importantly, faithful to God, his family, friends and fans.

He respects such artists as Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and others who are true to themselves and their fans which is not surprising considering Deryl is one of the few artists who will not betray himself and portray someone he is not.

Even as random as he is, Deryl Dodd has faced many obstacles and is country music’s comeback kid.

Kristie Smith

By Blue Ribbon News special contributor Kristie Smith, who writes about people and subjects of interest in the community. A teacher for the blind, Kristie has authored a series of novels about a blind girl detective, and has written more than 15 activity books for children with special needs.

Images submitted by Kristie Smith, courtesy deryldodd.com.

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