Signs of spring

John Adams

(March 23, 2014) With springtime comes promise of the new, the freshness and hope of renewed energy and vitality. We have been restrained by the winter months and now it’s time to hear the crack of the bat, grill some dogs and enjoy the sunshine. A daily reminder is the beauty of nature shaking off the drab of winter and springing forth with new life. Trees with new green growth and flowers of all colors fill us with energy for each day.

But isn’t it funny how we humans can never be satisfied, especially in Texas, regarding the weather? During the dog days of summer we complain about no rain, the unmerciful heat and declare how we desperately need to relocate to a cooler climate. Then when winter arrives we are ready for summer when the temp dips to 40 degrees. Then heaven help us if we have to experience temperatures in the 30’s or below. In between these extremes is fall and spring. But they are short lived and are like driving through a rural Texas town; if you aren’t paying attention, you’ll miss it.

Now, I know y’all folks north of the Red River laugh at us Texans because we can’t drive or go to school or work when there is white stuff on the ground, but we must be safety conscious, don’t you see. We might dent our new pickup truck.

Back in the 1990’s we had some friends that lived in Ohio and they, of course, were very acquainted with and adept at driving in harsh weather. Well, it so happened they were visiting Texas in the winter and had to drive from Houston to Dallas. The weather was snowy and icy and they were traveling north on I45. They got the biggest kick out of a Texas “sand truck” that they saw. The highway maintenance crew apparently became desperate and dispatched a pickup truck with two guys sitting on the tailgate with bags of sand, sprinkling it on the interstate as they drove. You just gotta do what you gotta do here in Texas! But our Mid-Western friends had the time of their life relating the story of the Texas, state-of-the-art “sand truck.”

But now it is spring, one of the greatest times of the year and our memory is short; the dead of winter is behind us. We look now at the promise of vacations and fun in the sun. Spring has sprung in Texas! As far as I am concerned, you can’t beat it. But it doesn’t last very long, so enjoy it while the weather is great.

By Blue Ribbon News special contributor John Adams of Rockwall. John is in telecom sales and also serves as an Associate Pastor at Poetry Baptist Church. He is active in the Rockwall Breakfast Rotary. Visit his guest columns at and his blog at

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