The painful blessing of being a mom

Enid Reyes

ROCKWALL, TX (May 8, 2014) No matter what, it starts with pain (birthing is painful). Then, their first cry fills our heart with joy and we realize the blessing of motherhood. Through the first stages of childhood, mothers (fathers too!) savor every little change, personality and sounds. Soon after these discoveries, we inundate social media with their photos and videos. As mothers, we are proud and we want the whole world to know it; and share our joy.

I wish children could stay little. It is mom’s opportunity to plant, cultivate the family’s faith, good manners, values and disciplines—all ingredients needed for a well-rounded and respectful child. We don’t foresee pain, unless they are sick or hurt. Yet, the Creator’s clock ticks; they have to grow.

Some of us wonder what happened to our cute little girl and handsome little boy! Our kids become teenagers. Their struggle for independence and the exercise of free will leave us confounded at times. Yet in the midst of the challenges that come with teenagers, we still hear phrases such as, ‘“Thank you, Mom.” “I love you, Mom.” “I know you care.” and so on. Again, we realize how blessed we are and affirm ourselves that everything is going to be all right. We say to ourselves, “Our teens will become great men and women” (somewhat like us!).

Having three adult children has taught me about certain pain we mothers feel at times. Let me explain. Three words come to mind: heartache, anguish and labor. We live in an imperfect world. No matter how good our childrearing skills are, our sons and daughters can make choices that will break our hearts. Sometimes we anguish for them to “get it.” One of my sons tended to need a lot of pushing (if you know what I mean!). At times I felt I was going to have to “kick him out of the nest” so he could grow up and become a man. Yet many times I saw glimpses of “I’m getting it”; and heard words such as “Mom, thank you for helping me.” He finally “got it” and I was blessed.

For some, parenting has meant many years of hard labor. Be encouraged; we do not labor in vain. Whether you are enjoying your small children, riding the rollercoaster of teen years, helping your college kids to stay on course or enjoying the fruit of your labor with them; it is a great blessing to be a mother.

Blue Ribbon News special contributor Enid Reyes is a Certified Relationship Skills Facilitator, founder of Rockwall Grace Center for Family & Community Development and a local minister. Contact Enid at .