Hanna4Hope Color Splash Run to raise awareness about teen suicide

ROCKWALL, TX. (August 30, 2014)  The 2nd Annual Hanna 4 Hope Color Splash Trail Run/Walk will be Saturday, September 13, rain or shine, at Squabble Creek Trail,2201 N. Lakeshore Drive in Rockwall. Hundreds of community members, classmates, friends and family are expected to participate in memory of Rockwall High School freshman Hanna Clark, who took her life on April 25, 2013.

Event registration is underway at Hanna4Hope.com. The Run/Walk will begin at 9 a.m., with walk-up registration taking place from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. Parking will be available at Grace Hartman Elementary,1325 Petaluma Drive (across from Squabble Creek).

As well as registering to run/ walk in the Color Splash Run, sponsorship opportunities are available. Visit the website for more details.

Hanna 4 Hope is the nonprofit organization founded in Hanna’s name. The 15-year-old volleyball player wore the number “4” on her jersey, which is reflected in the foundation’s logo. The Hanna 4 Hope 5k Run/Walk coincides with National Suicide Prevention Week and falls just three days before Hanna’s 17th birthday.

“We were a normal family just like everyone else. Hanna was beautiful, quiet, innocent and goofy,” said Raina and Tim Clark, pointing out that their daughter still believed in Santa Claus. “She could light up a room with her contagious laughter. She was caring, kind and trustworthy. Hanna just had a bad day one day, and she made an impulse decision that has turned our family upside down.”

Through faith in Jesus Christ and the Hanna 4 Hope foundation, the family is determined to carry Hanna’s legacy on and help save lives through education and awareness.

As well as organizing the annual Color Splash Trail Run/Walk, Hanna 4 Hope has been spreading awareness about teen suicide in other ways such as the 1st annual Hanna 4 Hope Golf Classic, participation in Children’s Red Balloon Event in Dallas, participation in the 2014 FreedomFest at the Rockwall Harbor, multiple speaking engagements across North Texas, established partnership with Children’s Medical Center Suicide and Prevention Program, and much more.

“Staring at each other with the four walls closing in on us, knowing that our 15 year old beautiful daughter with that contagious laughter – would never come out of her bedroom again to greet us, weighed deeply on our hearts,” writes Raina and Tim at Hanna4Hope.com.  “After Hanna Kay took her own life on April 25, 2013, our purpose in life was now a mystery. Taking her to school, going to volleyball games on weekends, working on homework, going on vacation, spending good quality time with her, that was our purpose before that horrific day. With the help of God’s strength, family and wonderful friends, and relying on Hanna Kay’s favorite verse Phil 4:13, we were able to move forward in a positive direction.

Then came along the idea of the Hanna 4 Hope Foundation. Just knowing that we were able to do something constructive out of what happened to our beautiful daughter was worth getting out of bed each morning. We wanted so much to let people know the real Hanna Kay Clark and that the thought of suicide amongst our youth today is greater than ever before. By creating this Foundation of Hope, we know that our daughter did not die in vain and that we have to spread the word about teen suicide. It is our sincere hope that the Foundation will make a difference in someone’s life and that no family has to experience this type of loss. As we have said from the beginning, “If this can happen to my family, it can happen to any family out there.” Our purpose in life now is clear – it is to educate families and community leaders on the possible signs of suicide and to provide a variety of resources for parents, teens, and community organizations.”

Raina and Tim add, “The Hanna 4 Hope Foundation is all about bringing awareness and education of teenage suicide to the community. It is for anyone that wants to listen, both young or old. We have board members, directors, committee members and a teen committee that passionately volunteer and devote their time and hard work to the cause. With the help of wonderful sponsors and charitable donations from Rusty Wallis and others, we have been able to hostevents and raise money and awareness. Children’s Medical Center Department of Psychiatry is our partner and graciously has accepted our donations to their wonderful SPARC program.”

“We will continue to move forward in a positive direction. This is what Hanna Kay would want and expect from us. We still hear her contagious laughter and we still wait and hope she will come out from her room to greets us with that beautiful smile. But until then, we will do everything in our power to honor her for her short life and the incredible privilege to have her be called our daughter for 15 years. We will see you in Heaven, our beautiful angel.”

To learn more, visit Hanna4Hope.com.

By Dawn Redig, Blue Ribbon News.

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