Scout Troop 83 experiences adventures, sells fall flowers and kale

Caleb Davis

ROCKWALL, TX (September 23, 2014) Hello, my name is Caleb Davis and I am a Life Scout in Troop 83 here in Rockwall.

Today, I will tell you about our latest adventures, such as Summer Camp at Scout Camp Buck Toms in Tennessee; NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training); our troop elections; and our annual Canoeing Campout in Oklahoma.

Troop 83 attended Summer Camp at Scout Camp Buck Toms in Tennessee. There were a TON of merit badge classes you could attend. We all loved shooting .22 rifles and and twelve gage shotguns. They also had a delightful waterfront which consisted of boating, skiing, and swimming. We had a slight delay on the way back to Texas when our charter bus’ tire blew out and we were stranded for hours. We made the most of it by watching movies while waiting. Our previous arrival time of around midnight turned into a 3am arrival time! However, it didn’t keep us from having a memorable time.

NYLT is a training course you must attend in order to run for a senior leadership position in the troop. It also it is a place to experience great camp songs, excellent experiences, and make new friends. When you go, it is never a boring time. I attended NYLT in July at Camp James Ray in Pottsboro, TX.

Troop 83 just held its biannual elections. We have a variety of positions to run for, such as Chaplain Aide, (prays at meals and creates a Scouts Own or church service on Sundays during camps); Troop guide, (helps the first year scouts);  Librarian (maintain our books and files); Historian (keeps written record of all meetings); Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and his helpers the Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL). Those are just a few of the positions that are available! I was honored to be chosen as Troop 83’s newest Senior Patrol Leader.

One of the most recent campouts Troop 83 has been on is the canoeing campout that we attend every August in Oklahoma. We get there around 7-8 pm, set up our tents, and go to bed after our little midnight snack. In the morning, we eat breakfast then head out to the river. We canoe all day through strong currents, rapids, and some exciting stops along the way. Then we stop for lunch and head out for more. After returning to camp, we have some down time, eat dinner, and finally get some much needed rest. The next day we pack up and return home.

As you can see, Troop 83 has been very busy this summer. We have many more exciting plans for the coming months. If you are a boy from ages 11-18, we’d love to have you join us!

Troop 83 is currently selling pansies and kale for our fall fundraiser. These are fresh from the nursery and the highest quality plants you can find anywhere. Our pansies lasted through the ice and snow last winter! They’re only $16/flat. My sister will plant them for $10/flat if you want some but don’t want to do the dirty work. Contact a member of Troop 83 today or call me at 214-934-8721 to place your order.

By Blue Ribbon News guest columnist Caleb Davis, Life Scout, Troop 83 in Rockwall. Submit your Scouting news by emailing

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