Mystery kitty’s enchanting story seeks magical ending

Michelle has grown up to be a beautiful adult cat, but she’s still a master of disguise.

ROCKWALL,TX. (October 21, 2014) Michelle is a master of disguise. She’s a grey tabby who doesn’t fit the stereotype of the kitty who’ll haunt your Halloween dreams. Yet no one can figure out her true nature, because she’s shrouded in a veil of mystery. With true magical powers, Michelle can conjure all this mystery without trying.

Because most of it isn’t her fault.

In July 2012, Michelle was a scrawny, ringworm-infested kitten named Mike.

Her enchanting story began in July 2012, when she was a tiny kitten at the Lewisville animal shelter. Everyone at the shelter thought she was a boy, and since she was covered with fungus, they named her Ringworm Mike. Even though ringworm is not life-threatening, shelter staff was set to kill the kitten. So Mike ended up across town in the arms of Rockwall Pets.

The rapidly-growing kitten had trouble getting over the ringworm. Mike was forced to live with other ringworm kitties as they waited for the fungus to clear. Mike endured weeks of medicated baths to help clear the fungus. Finally, after four months in the ringworm ward, and with Halloween fast approaching, it was time for Mike to receive the full round of pre-adoption medical treatments.

That’s when Dr. Keith Webb discovered Mike was a girl. Her first Halloween disguise had fooled everyone. Quickly renamed Michelle, she was vaccinated, spayed and made ready for her new home.

Even before Thanksgiving, more complications arose. The fungus returned, so she found herself back in the ringworm ward, this time with several rambunctious kittens. Michelle had blossomed into a gorgeous adult kitty by this time, so sharing a room with a bunch of devil-may-care kittens wasn’t exactly the Christmas gift of her dreams.

Fast forward to Halloween 2013. It had been so long since Michelle had lived the life of a real kitty, her anxieties took hold. She nervously nibbled at herself, causing large areas of fur to fall out. This Halloween disguise – she looked like a cast member from “Thriller” – wasn’t doing much to help her social life. She found it difficult to find a home when potential adopters saw a beautiful face but a half-naked body. That meant more weeks of communal living with other homeless kitties while her fur grew back.

In the meantime, Michelle’s personality blossomed. She declared herself boss of the room. Whenever a new guest arrived, Michelle would be the first to greet the new kitty. Then she’d lay down the law. No one gets out of line when Michelle’s in charge.

Fast forward again to Halloween 2014. Her disguise this year? Michelle is still wearing her homeless kitty costume. She’s still bossy. She still nibbles at her fur when she’s nervous. But she loves to be the center of attention. Even though she’s mastered the art of casting a spell on everyone she’s around, Michelle has had a lifetime of tricks. A loving home – where she can relax and finally get comfortable – would be the treat of her dreams.

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By Blue Ribbon News guest columnist Michael Kitkoski, an award-winning animal shelter reform advocate and co-founder of Rockwall Pets and No Kill Solutions.

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