Doing Business Right: Successful restaurant owner says ‘never lose hunger or humility’

Samee and Molly Dowlatshahi with their children.

ROCKWALL, TX (Nov. 25, 2014) It was a leap of faith, but this wasn’t the first time he stepped off the edge and trusted God to hold him up. Samee Dowlatshahi was just 15 when he, his mother and his six-year-old brother emigrated from Iran.

It was 1982 – the height of the war between Iraq and Iran. The Iranian government had begun forcing boys as young as 14 to enter the military. The schools were closed and the country was a battleground. Samee’s father had the foresight to arrange his family’s escape, though he remained behind. The three refugees faced certain death if caught.

At age 45, Samee took another leap of faith. This time he was the father – the one everyone depended on. He was at a crossroad and his heart told him it was time to take a big step. He had made his career working in restaurants and it was something he loved, but he no longer wanted to work for someone else’s success. He felt strongly that it was his time to follow his life’s dream.

He found a perfect location – a small pizza place – and the owner was ready to sell. His wife, Molly, supported him in his decision, and together they took a leap into uncertainty.  Their savings, their future, their lives and the lives of their children depended on his success.

Hard work and passion, his personal recipes and his ability to make everyone feel at home have rocketed Samee’s Pizza Getti, established in June of 2012, to be one of Rockwall’s favorite establishments. It is located a 561 Interstate 30 in Rockwall, in the same shopping center as 24 Hour Fitness.

Samee’s motto: “People will forget what you say or do, but they will never forget how you make them feel.” This quote by Maya Angelou is the first rule of business where Samee is concerned.

The restaurant business has been his life. He loves being surrounded by family and laughter and people enjoying themselves; he loves the look of delight on their faces when they try something new.

Yes, the gift of hospitality has been well received by Samee. His individual attention to each patron infuses them with feelings of warmth and camaraderie. He wants everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable, to enjoy their meal and feel like his restaurant is an extension of their own home and family.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Samee is continually striving to improve. His goal is for every dish to be perfect and every customer to be satisfied.

“Yes is the answer…what is the question?” is another catchphrase Samee uses, and it is part of the reason for his success. He asserts that to succeed you must “never lose your hunger, never lose your humility, and never be content.” He is very thankful that he has been blessed with a wonderful wife and family; without their encouragement and support he would never have taken this leap of faith.


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