‘Everyone appreciates good service’


Whether tending bar or catering to clients, ‘everyone appreciates good service’

ROCKWALL, TX (Jan. 2, 2015) Some people enjoy solitude, but most prefer companions who share similar interests. There are, however, the extraordinary few who have the ability to embrace all people, to feel comfortable with everyone.

One such person is Will McMullen, who works at Johnny Carino’s on I-30 in Rockwall.

Will describes himself as a “people fan.” He revels in the diversity and array of personalities he encounters as the restaurant’s daytime bartender.

Every individual is complex with a variety of tastes, but one thing remains true: “everyone appreciates good service,” Will says.

Will doesn’t deliver just good service; it’s outstanding. His infectious smile invites patrons to sit back, loosen up and savor their dining experience.

Compliments from customers are Will’s greatest rewards. That’s because he feels personally responsible for each guest’s experience. He understands you can’t please everyone all the time and doesn’t let that ruffle him. If he remains sincere and courteous, he says, customers will remember him and return. Everyone has an occasional bad day, but having a glass of wine or a cold one with Will behind the bar can bring a new perspective. His positive disposition and friendly conversation has guests relaxing and smiling before they realize what’s happening.

Will is not content with just being the best bartender he can be; he also owns his own catering company. Shade Events, described as “down home cooking with style,” is his greatest passion.  Will has worked with Tracy Miller, renowned in theDallasculinary community and Chef at Local in Deep Ellum. Shade Events offers an extensive menu including Cajun-Fused Tostadas, Thai Spring Rolls and Herb Crusted Pork Ribs as well as complete event planning and hospitality service.

Always energetic and continually learning, Will stays at the top of his game. He is a stickler for rules and forever striving to improve his culinary skills. Hard work, respect and responsibility are lessons he hopes to instill in the young people he works with as well as his children.

This article is part of a series by Blue Ribbon News special contributor Rhonda Wright of Rockwall, who shines the spotlight on local employees and business owners who go the extra mile. If you know a hard-working individual who deserves recognition for exceptional customer service or a job well done, nominate them by emailing editor@BlueRibbonNews.com.

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