Opportunities are golden for young Rockwall businessman

ROCKWALL, TX (Jan. 29, 2015) Jared Stewart is a remarkable young man – responsible, respectful, intelligent and never reluctant to embrace hard work or a challenge.

The son of Lloyd and Toni Waldrop, owners of Rockwall Fast Cash-Gold and Silver, Jared grew up working in the family business. He learned early that being a successful businessman means balancing the knowledge of your products with the demands and needs of your customers.

Jared was a quick study and absorbed the aspects of his family’s business like a sponge. No task is too menial or monumental; Jared is prepared for the opportunity and performs with exceptionally high standards.

His current position is Floor Sales and Gold & Precious Metal Buyer. Jared maintains current knowledge of the prices of precious metals, and he educates himself on the aspects of the stock market and using gold and silver as a means for retirement planning. He interacts well with customers, always maintaining a respectful attitude and relying on his ability to be understanding and patient.

Never egotistical, Jared is quick to give recognition and praise to his co-workers. He recognizes that everyone has different skills and assets that are needed to create a well-balanced retail environment.

Jared is an exemplary employee. When asked if there was anything he did that made his co-workers a little crazy, he said that he continually moves the merchandise, organizing and re-organizing – always keeping display cases neat, fresh and appealing. He is driven to stay busy and continuously tries to improve himself and his surroundings.  His motto is, “Always, do the right thing, even when no one is looking.”

This article is part of a series by Blue Ribbon News guest columnist Rhonda Wright of Rockwall, who shines the spotlight on local employees and business owners who go the extra mile. If you know a hard-working individual who deserves recognition for exceptional customer service or a job well done, nominate them by emailing editor@BlueRibbonNews.com

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