Trail project leads to young man Eagle Scout

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(ROCKWALL, TX – May 12, 2015) The rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America is a very special honor; it takes perseverance, integrity and strength. My journey to becoming an Eagle was an interesting one and you will soon find out why. One of the best-known requirements is to conduct an Eagle Scout project, and there are specific requirements for doing so.

Only about five percent of eligible Eagle Scouts make the cut each year. That’s one in every 20 people a year. My troop has an average of 75 people active in the troop. In 2014, Troop 83 had three scouts make Eagle. From my research, the majority of scouts quickly find out if Scouting is for them because so many leave in their first year.

Requirements for the Eagle Scout project include helping an organization unrelated to scouts and showing extraordinary leadership. To give you an example of what a project looks like, I will tell you about mine. My project was at the Squabble Creek Trail System in Rockwall.

I placed 14 informational plaques explaining what the different trees look like in various seasons and fun facts about them. There were many steps taken to ensure there weren’t any flaws, such as going step-by-step through the trail with an arborist and a representative from Rockwall’s Park and Recreation Department. I had to present my proposed project to the Parks Board and they voted to approve it.

Fundraising was next. Over the course of three weeks, I raised almost $4,000. Various individuals and companies from the community sponsored a tree along the trail. Working with the vendor who made the plaques was time-consuming and detail-oriented. Nineteen total workers and over 172 man hours later, the project was complete.

My trail to Eagle Scout was time sensitive; my personal goal was to obtain Eagle by my 14th birthday. I’ve held numerous leadership positions such as Chaplains Aid, Order of the Arrow Representative and Senior Patrol Leader. It’s required that you hold three Boy Scout positions prior to obtaining Eagle. The night before my 14th birthday, I went before an Eagle Scout Board of Review. They asked some very challenging questions over the course of an hour and a half. At the end of the evening, I was deemed an Eagle Scout!

As you can tell, obtaining the rank of Eagle is a huge undertaking as well as an extreme honor. I will cherish this accomplishment for the rest of my life.

By Blue Ribbon News guest columnist Caleb Davis, Eagle Scout, Troop 83 in Rockwall. Submit your Scouting news by emailing .

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