Meet Rigby, Blue Ribbon News Pet of the Week

ROCKWALL,TX. (July 13, 2015) Rigby’s hobbies include face licking, cuddling, playing with toys, face licking, eating, wrestling with other dogs and face licking.

Rigby says, “I think I am a pit-terrier mix and I’m full grown at 27 pounds. But don’t let that fool you, I’m a power house on a leash.  I’m about 15 months old and I’m very playful. My foster mommy doesn’t bring me to adoption events anymore;  I get very excited, there are so many people and other strange dogs, and sometimes I get scared.  I’m not gonna lie, if I don’t know you and you surprise me I might nip your fingers. I don’t mean to and my foster mommy has really been working with me so I know to not actually hurt you with my teeth.  I don’t do it in my foster home because I’m familiar with my surroundings. It also breaks my heart every week to fall in love with great people and then they don’t take me home.”

“I currently live with a seven-year-old girl and I love her, but unless you have dog-savvy little ones, then small children wouldn’t be the best for me to live with. They move unpredictability and want to get in my face and it scares me.”

“I can’t wait to meet you!  My foster mommy said she would bring me to meet you, just email and she will email you right back. I’m gonna practice catching food mid-air and licking faces. Everyone at Rockwall Pets adores me. A wonderful donor even sponsored my adoption fee to help me find my perfect home!”

“I’m so excited… now!”

Submitted by Sarah Grubbs.

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