Letter to the Editor: Citizens for McLendon-Chisholm Oppose Tax Rollback

(MCLENDON-CHISHOLM, TX – April 16, 2016) Several citizens in McLendon-Chisholm, a small incorporated community in Rockwall County, have joined together as Citizens for McLendon-Chisholm (C4MC) to advocate against the tax rollback initiative that will be on the May 7 ballot.

Our position for opposing the rollback is that it will only result in a 3 cent tax reduction per $100 valuation and will cut 10% from the 2016 budget that was adopted in September, 2015.  The rollback will not change the new City Hall bond obligation payments, which are irrevocable and take legal priority over any operational budget items.  A rollback could affect the McLendon-Chisholm Volunteer Fire Department’s ability to attract and retain highly motivated, certified EMS trained fire fighters.

Rolling back the tax rate could stall future growth plans in the City.   As we become a vibrant, growing community attracting people from around the Metroplex and from other parts of the country, it is necessary for the City to accommodate new neighborhoods that are being added and provide essential services such as fire protection and emergency medical response.  We need futuristic thinking guiding our community, not misguided views that seek to tear at the fabric of the community.

C4MC also encourages all citizens to be involved in City government, better understand how current and future plans affect taxes and how tax dollars are spent.  We are in favor of planned, progressive growth, fiscal responsibility and safety for all citizens.  For more information about C4MC and opposing the rollback, visit iam4MC.org or email C4MC@gmail.com.

Every vote counts—vote AGAINST the tax rollback on May 7.

Mike Donegan

Gary Nickel

Bob Hermann

Judy Moss

Glenna Brown

Lee Nichols

Herman Larkin

Troy Reich

 Submitted by The Citizens for McLendon-Chisholm.


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