Open Letter to Terry Garrett, Heath DPS

Editor’s Note: We often receive letters from readers about positive experiences they’ve had with local businesses or hometown heroes doing great work in the community. This is one of those messages, and we were asked by the contributor to share it as an Open Letter to Terry Garrett of Heath Department of Public Safety.

(HEATH, TX – April 28, 2016) As chief, Terry Garrett has done a remarkable job for Heath’s DPS!

For the first time in my life, I had to call 911.  I was a nurse eons ago and was a paramedic over 25 years ago.  But I never had to call 911…I had other people to call because my job was with the patient/ victim.

I wasn’t in favor of cross-training because of the different personalities of  police, fire and EMS.  I was w w w wrong!

Your police officers responded very quickly.  I missed the first sign of low blood sugar because I’m a heavy sleeper.  When I heard my husband fall out of bed, I couldn’t get a finger stick because he was wedged with his arms under him, half-way under the bed.  The bed is a king, sleep number bed.  I could only move the foot of the bed two inches.  Your crew got there and got the bed moved enough to get the finger stick.  His BS was 45.  I think it took all of them to move the bed.  All of them could not have been more professional or kinder.  They got him stabilized.

We started a log since my husband had been rock steady for many years and knew immediately if his blood sugar dropped a little. I thought we were handling it until 4 days later when the dogs alerted me by scratching and beating on the bedroom door.  When I turned on the light, my husband wasn’t in bed.  The dogs were dancing and darting to the steps.  I followed and my husband was on the living room floor.  I couldn’t get the soft candy in his mouth because he was combative.  I believe it was Officer Simmons who got  there within 2 minutes.  Hubs was so combative, two of us couldn’t get the finger stick.  He was batting us away.  Four more officers arrived and the paramedics arrived.  All of them holding my husband down.  His BS was 34.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to our Heath Police Officers and to their Chief, Terry Garrett. For a first experience with Heath Police, I know how blessed we are here in  Heath!


Ann Jusko

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