Wayne Orchard to run for McLendon-Chisholm City Council Place 2

(MCLENDON-CHSIHOLM, TX — April 4, 2016) Longtime McLendon-Chisholm resident Wayne Orchard is running for McLendon-Chisholm City Council, Place 2 in the upcoming general election on Saturday, May 7, 2016. Orchard spent most of his childhood in a town just like McLendon-Chisholm, which is one reason that enticed him to move here back in 2005 to build his dream home and to have a quiet place to grow and raise his family. Wayne has been married to his wife, Melanie, for over 20 years and they have three children ages 14, 9, and 7 who love the country life, while still having the “big” town within a short drive. The open spaces, location and reasonable taxes have brought many families, like the Orchards, to McLendon-Chisholm and he wants to keep the town a desirable place to attract even more families into the community.

As a resident of over 10 years, Wayne is looking forward to being able to serve his fellow neighbors as a Council member and loves being part of the community. He spent 6 years in the McLendon-Chisholm Volunteer Fire Department and had the privilege of being shoulder to shoulder with some of the finest men and women of the community. Being a former firefighter, Wayne supports and will continue to support the department and be the voice for protection of all McLendon-Chisholm residents.

So why is Wayne Orchard running for City Council? “After witnessing the current City Council increase our taxes by approving a debt over $2.1 million for a new City Hall and then increasing the tax rate even more so, with a Town Hall full of citizens against the proposed tax rate, it showed me the citizens of McLendon-Chisholm do not have a voice in our own city government,” Wayne said. “After being notified the citizens have a right to vote on such a tax percentage increase, I helped to lead the effort to gain way more than enough signatures on a petition for a Tax Rollback election, which will also be voted on by the citizens on May 7, 2016.

Wayne continued, “I want every one of my neighbors to have the ability to exercise their right to vote on the financial burdens put upon them, whenever possible and not just have a City Council do what they feel is right. I’m someone who is going to stand up and represent the citizens on important city decisions. I spoke at each of the Town Halls, along with countless others, against the City Hall, newly proposed budget and tax rate increase, but to no avail. It felt as if the City Council already had their minds made up, regardless of what the citizens were saying. The citizen’s voices didn’t matter. I want that changed about our Council. I want more citizen involvement and will interact with them BEFORE making any financial decisions which will affect them, along with having more transparency to the citizens via constant communication. My 25 years of executive experience in dealing with million-dollar budgets and leading companies to new levels has given me the experience that the citizens need. A vote for Wayne Orchard gives the Citizens of McLendon-Chisholm a real voice in City Council.”

For more information or to support Wayne Orchard by placing a yard sign on your lawn, you may contact him at electwayneorchard@gmail.com or go to facebook.com/Wayne Orchard for McLendon Chisholm City Council, Place 2 and become part of the discussion.

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