Bluebonnets bloom in Rockwall neighborhood

Photos courtesy of Donna Dorman.

(ROCKWALL, TX – March 20, 2017) With the first day of Spring upon us, Rockwall residents are enjoying a field of bluebonnets in bloom near Phelps Lake, where Friends of Raymond Cameron Lake Park (now Friends of the Lakes of Squabble Creek) – a grassroots organization of neighbors who want to help preserve the natural habitat – first planted seeds in the fall of 2014.

Donna Dorman enjoys the outdoors along with Hannah Moore and Landon Wynne, Rockwall Community Playhouse members who performed the Legend of the Bluebonnet when the seeds were planted.

Donna Dorman, shown here with Hannah Moore and Landon Wynne, said that Robbie LeMore came up with the idea of planting bluebonnets at The Lakes of Squabble Creek Park.

“I initiated the project along with Jeanne Davis, Sandra Hawn and Robbie.  We paid for everything ourselves – the  bluebonnet seeds, the little bags to put the seeds in that we passed out to children, etc. Additionally, the Rockwall Community Playhouse lent their valuable time with two wonderful performances of the Legend of the Bluebonnet,” wrote Donna in a message to Blue Ribbon News. “People from all over Rockwall came to the event. We had a vision of a beautiful field of bluebonnets for those walking the paths around Phelps Lake and Cameron Lake – a place where our community could go and take pictures of their kids in a bluebonnet field away from speeding cars along the freeways.”

“We were excited and happy when the first bluebonnets sprung and couldn’t wait to see them spread their beauty, but then the rains came.  And came.  And came.   The bluebonnet field was not only flooded, but completely submerged for weeks at a time.  We were heartsick,” Donna continued. “It is with joy I’m relaying to you now that the bluebonnets survived and are blooming again!  The vision of bluebonnets all over Rockwall and the parks continue!”

Happy Bluebonnet Season! Happy First Day of Spring!

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