Crime drama “Bomb City” releases to theaters

Crime drama “Bomb City” releases to theaters

(ROCKWALL, TX — February 7, 2018) The locally produced and directed crime drama “Bomb City” makes its premiere in select cities nationwide on Friday, Feb. 9. The film will also be available for download on iTunes, Amazon and everywhere On Demand.

“Bomb City” tells the story of 19-year-old punk musician Brian Deneke, who was killed by 17-year-old Dustin Camp in December 1997 in an intentional hit-and-run incident that would become known as one of the most controversial hate crimes in modern American culture.

The movie follows the cultural aversion of Deneke and his punk rock friends by a group of popular, preppy jocks known as “white-hatters.” After an altercation between high school football star and “white-hatter” Cody Cates (the film’s pseudonym for Dustin Camp) and several of the “punks,” a series of hostile encounters between the two groups ensues, eventually leading to a violent street fight that costs Deneke his life.

Producer Major Dodge describes the film as “Friday Night Lights meets The Outsiders with a punk rock twist.”

“It definitely pulls at the heartstrings, but it’s also gritty and tough,” Dodge said. “It’s an eye-opener and opens the discussion on why it’s important to really get to know people, to judge one another by the content of their character rather than by how they look on the outside.”

Actor Dave Davis as Brian Deneke and actress Maemae Renfrow as Jade in “Bomb City.”

The entire film was shot in North Texas, including the third floor courtroom of the historic courthouse on the Rockwall Downtown Square. Several local actors have key parts in the film: Luis Acevedo of Heath, who also co-owns Cold Stone Creamery at the Harbor; Brandon Neighbors, a local youth football coach who stars as a coach in the film; and former Rockwall High School football standout Luke Termin. Rockwall County Commissioner Dennis Bailey also makes a cameo appearance as the judge presiding over the murder trial.

Bailey said when he was approached by 3rd Identity about filming in the courthouse, he showed the group around and was surprised when they asked him if he would consider a role as the judge in the film.

“It was absolutely amazing to participate in and watch what all goes into the making of a film,” Bailey said. “The story line was very interesting with a strong emphasis in don’t judge the person by their looks.  I truly believe in that attitude.”

Dodge, an eight-year Rockwall resident, said he was floored by the amount of support they received by the Rockwall community. He said People’s Auto of Rockwall donated cars for them to use in shots of the courthouse parking lot. Around 100 extras from the Rockwall community packed the courtroom for the shoot back in June of 2016, replicating the crowded courtroom during Camp’s trial.

“The Rockwall community was extremely supportive, and I loved the idea of being able to give back to my own community by involving them in the film,” Dodge said.

Major Dodge (middle) as Officer Denny.

Veteran actor Dave Davis stars as Deneke and is known for his work on “True Detective”, “The Walking Dead”, “The Big Short”, “Logan” and more. Dallas actor Glenn Morshower, whose impressive resume includes roles in “Supergirl”, “Bloodline”, “24”, “Law and Order” and the “Transformer” films, portrays Camp’s attorney. Dodge also plays a role in the movie as the no-nonsense Officer Denny.

“Bomb City” has been shown in special screenings and film festivals across the country and has received numerous awards, including the Audience Award for “Best Narrative Feature” at the 2017 Dallas International Film Festival and two Special Jury awards for “Best Actor” recognizing Davis for his electric performance as Deneke.

Around 1,300 people packed the Amarillo Civic Center for an exclusive premiere showing of the film on Jan. 23, 2018. Dodge said there was a standing ovation when the credits rolled and not a dry eye in the house. “There was definitely lots of crying and tears. Everyone was there to celebrate Brian’s life,” he said.

Dodge said Deneke’s story is one that is very close to his heart, and to the hearts of his 3rd Identity business partners Jameson Brooks, who directed the film, and Sheldon Chick, who co-produced and wrote the screenplay. Brooks and Chick are both from Amarillo and were attending high school at the time of Deneke’s death.

“I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on the day that it happened,” Dodge said. “To be the one to tell Brian’s story is surreal.”

“Bomb City” is available for pre-order on iTunes and will hit 15 theaters in select cities on Feb. 9. For a list of theaters showing the film and to view the official trailer visit

By Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News. Photos courtesy of 3rd Identity Films.

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