Rockwall County Elections Administrator addresses questions about new digital voting system

(ROCKWALL, TX – Feb. 14, 2018) Rockwall County Elections Administrator Chris Lynch shared the following information today in an effort to address voters’ questions and provide clarification about the county’s new electronic voting system which will be used in the upcoming election.

A recent Blue Ribbon News article headlined, “Voting Goes Digital in Rockwall County” explained that voters will swipe in with their driver’s license, then use the electronic voting device to vote digitally on a touch screen. At the end, the machine prints out a completed ballot for voters to review their selections. Once they have approved their choices, they will then insert the paper back in to the machine.

Lynch stated, “Some Rockwall County voters have recently expressed concerns over the new voting system the county purchased last year.  In the past, Rockwall County voters had had the option to choose either paper ballot or electronic voting. Historical data indicated that only 1 in 3 citizens of the county preferred paper ballot. The ExpressVote System that will be used in the upcoming election marks a vast upgrade in security.”

He added, “Much has been made of election ‘hacking.’ First, what should be noted is that none of the equipment that we deploy for elections is connected to the internet. The media has suggested that hacking has occurred with voter registration databases. Voter registration databases are public information. Anyone could request the voter registration list for Rockwall County from my office through a public information request.”

“Lastly, where there has been some confusion about the county taking away paper ballots. The fact of the matter is that every voter will receive a paper ballot to review prior to casting his or her vote. The selection of candidates will be done on a touch screen device, which will eliminate voter errors caused by pens/pencils used to mark traditional ballots. In addition, the new system that produces a paper trail allows this department to verify that all results are accurate. One ballot cast, one vote counted,” Lynch said. “We are excited to implement this new system and are confident the voters of this county will recognize the improvements made by purchasing new voting equipment.”

Lynch encourages anyone with questions to contact him at this office at 972-204-6201 or by email at

Early voting will be February 20 through March 2. Primary election day is March 6. Voting locations, election information, and sample ballots are available on

Staff report based upon submitted press release from Rockwall County Elections Administrator. 

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